About Nevada

About Nevada

Although much of Nevada tourism revolves around the City of Las Vegas, the state actually has a lot more to offer. The state might sparsely populated and full of endless expanses of desert, but it is also full of some of the best jewels of nature and some of the best creations made by mankind. Considered to be the first state to legalize gambling, Nevada is fuelled by the glitz of neon sights, sound of slot machines and the smell of fresh playing cards, but it also entices travelers with the azure surroundings of Lake Tahoe, the splendid sceneries of Reno and the breathtaking displays of the Nevada desert.


Nevada is also known to be huge. Considered to be the seventh largest state in America, it offers more than 314 mountain ranges and peaks. It has been custom made for adventure lovers and is full of breathtaking vistas, beautiful lakes and rivers and unique forest landscapes. Apart from the glitz, sex and glamour of Las Vegas, Nevada also offers its visitors with the romantic ambiance of the Old West, where one can step into the boots of cowboys and enjoy the “old ways of life”.

Gambling, sex, neon signs and nuclear weapons are not known to be the major draws for any state, but then Nevada isn’t just any state. It thrives on being one of its kind and its entire charm lies in the fact that there is none other like it. There is no denying the sheer madness that the state is known for, but if you’re looking for a true glimpse of what the state has to offer, get out of the world of gambling and explore traditional cowboy towns like Elko, ghost towns like Ely and Victorian mining towns like Virginia City.

Reno, Nevada

The state is also famous for its sound infrastructure. After all, a significant portion of the economy runs on tourist revenue. Residents might not be anywhere close to the Brits when it comes to being friendly, but they definitely know how to make tourists feel at ease and have a blast.

If you have time on your hands, stop wasting your hard earned dollars in those casinos and head out to those stunning pockets of beauty that are beautifully hidden within miles of barren desert wasteland. The Great Basin National Park and the Ruby mountains are just two examples of stunning mountain wilderness areas that offer unparalleled outdoor recreational facilities all round the year. The 18 ski resorts located around Lake Tahoe also ensure that there is more than enough to do during those chilly winter months.

Public transportation has never been the mainstay for tourists visiting the state and having your own rental car is a must in Nevada. You can easily rent one from any one of the major cities and unless you plan to spend your entire holiday in the Las Vegas strip, you’ll feel relieved to have one at your disposal.

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