Unearthing Las Vegas Strip’s Topmost Casinos

View Of A Casino

Las Vegas has earned the reputation of being the ‘Sin City.’ And, this is not just like that! The city has catered to the varied needs of the visitors and provided them with unlimited fun and entertainment. This is the reason people are crazy about Las Vegas. There is a dazzling array of pubs, nightclubs, and casinos, especially on the Strip that catch the fancy of the visitors. People want to gamble and take pleasure in gambling whenever they visit the Strip. Elites love to hit the casinos since the environment gives them ultimate satisfaction and entertainment. So, here are some of the greatest casinos on the Strip in Las Vegas that are a hit among the people.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is an amazing casino that has all the elements required for fun and entertainment. The casino is properly decorated and has a well-maintained pool too. People love gaming here, and the culture is developed strongly as well. Moreover, the casino organises a number of shows as well.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio has class written all over it. This is the reason people from the rich class never want to miss a chance to visit the casino. Some of the incredulous facilities extended by the casino include fancy restaurants, piano players, poker room, opulent casino, and a great shopping area. All these things instantly attract the attention of the tourists. There is the sushi restaurant called Yellowtail which is loved by people. The fountain show organised there is a feast for the eyes too. So, the Bellagio is the best place to be at while one is visiting the casinos in Las Vegas.

Mandalay Bay

The lazy river and a great pool really lend a refreshing and reinvigorating experience to tourists. One could relax completely while they are at this place. The casino is huge as well and is properly decorated. The minimum bets allowed here are reasonable as well. The amazing variety of restaurants always attracts tourists, as there is the sushi restaurant and a wine bar. The staff is well-behaved and have that flavour of humour that would appeal the tourists. Rooms are clean and the beds are completely comfortable. So, one could contemplate living here for a day or two as well in order to get the true essence of the things.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand is a perfect place to visit along with one’s family members. There is a dazzling array of features favourable for the families including plenty of table games, shows, concerts, and other events. In fact, the number of shows and events organised here are more than any other casino in Las Vegas. So, one could always have a great time along with one’s friends and family members here.

New York, New York

The place is crowded all the time. It has great interiors which instantly appeal the visitors. There are a number of New-York themed bars and restaurants here. The environment is always abuzz with activity since it attracts a sea of humanity.


There is that aura of magnificence about Aria that attracts everyone; classy rooms, delicious food, outdoor club, and great pool area are some of the amazing features of this place.

Unearthing Best Scenic Drives From Las Vegas

View Of Highway 95

Las Vegas is surely not limited to the Strip, since the city has a lot more to offer to the tourists. There are incredible natural spots here that straightaway delight the visitors. In fact, embarking upon the scenic drives is one of the most wonderful ways of exploring the beautiful locations in the vicinity of Las Vegas. Here are some of the most popular and refreshing scenic drives from Las Vegas that are located within the distances of 60 miles.

Highway 95 Towards Route Number 157

Highway 95 makes up for a great scenic drive from Las Vegas as one comes across such great views along with way. One just needs to travel 35 miles on the highway when they come across signs of Mt. Charleston Mountains. By taking a left turn there and travelling 20 miles towards the west, one reaches the great Mt. Charleston Lodge. It is simply amazing to witness the conversion of desert landscapes into lush mountains. One could choose one of the trails at the mountains and enjoy the cool breeze and breathtaking views of the surroundings. Moreover, the food at the lodge is tempting and mouth-watering as well. So, one could spend some time there and once again enjoy the great scenic drive while coming back to the plain area.

Lee Canyon To Route 158

This is another great route that tourists can explore in order to enjoy nature at its best. There are clear signs on Lee Canyon or Route No. 156 that point toward Route 158. One gets to experience some incredible views of the surroundings, and instantly feels elevated and thrilled. Besides this great drive, one could always enjoy visiting Lee Canyon in order to enjoy skiing there, as the region is known to offer excellent conditions for skiing. So, a simple drive down this lane enables a person experience the breathtaking scenery on both sides.

Red Rock Canyon Loop

Red Rock Canyon Loop is a 13 mile loop that lets one see starkly beautiful imagery and scenery. One simply needs to embark upon Highway 159 that takes one to widely popular Red Rock Canyon. It is a one way loop that is simply elevating. Besides, the destination, that is- ‘Red Rock Visitor Center’ is a great destination in itself, as there are countless recreational opportunities here and a great variety of wildlife. The experience of getting so close to nature is simply unsurpassed.

Blue Diamond Bend

Highway 159 takes one to amazing destinations, and moreover, the drive itself is simply stunning. If one feels like exploring more natural destinations after they have visited Red Rock Canyon Loop, then they can continue on this highway in order to discover this unassuming yet marvellous site called Blue Diamond Bend. It is a must-to-visit place for budding artists, who want to take inspiration from the mountains. One also gets a chance to see the ‘Bonnie Springs.’ Besides, the things that characterize the spot include gun fights, cowboys, a train, and a zoo that has a number of indigenous animals. The drive is very popular among the families with kids, as it gives kids a chance to amass some amazingly memorable experience.

Unearthing Thoroughly Exhilarating Day Trips From Las Vegas

View Of Zion National Park

Las Vegas has always been associated with fun and entertainment as there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying the night life here. The Strip is the most cherished location for the visitors, as they love to experience this popular aspect of Las Vegas; however, besides the well-known aspect of Las Vegas there are some little known and unassuming spots here that have the potential to cast a magical spell on the visitors. Truly, there are some breathtaking day trips from Las Vegas that take one to some exotic natural locations. One could easily get lost in nature and enjoy its pristine beauty. Here are some of these magnificent spots in Las Vegas that make up for a perfect day trip.

Zion National Park

Zion Natural Park is located in Springdale, and is just 3 hour drive from the city. The place has always been the hot destination for tourists who are invariably stunned by the spectacular views and a dazzling array of colours that they come across here. They get a chance to see red, white, and even pink rock formations. Besides, there is awe-inspiring greenery of conifer forests. There are plenty of hiking trails that take one through ponds and desert areas. Besides, there are some stunning waterfalls as well.

Bonnie Spring Ranch

Bonnie Spring Ranch is simply half an hour drive from Las Vegas. Moreover, the site has all the elements that are required to sustain the attention of kids. There are pony rides, a zoo, museums, and a train. Besides, regular shows and gun fights are organised to entertain the visitors.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is simply a perfect spot to bask in the sun. Moreover, there are other activities too for people including jet skiing, hiking, boating, and swimming, to name a few. The best part is the availability of plenty of shaded areas that are suitable for picnicking. Moreover, visitors are greeted with amazing views of Joshua trees, lava hills, red sandstone rocks, and bighorn sheep. Basically, the strategic location of the lake makes it possible for the tourists to enjoy these things.

Valley Of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is around 6 miles from Lake Mead, and is a perfect spot for nature lovers as well as photographers. Hikers too could enjoy hiking on a great variety of hikes available here. Moreover, one could also see rock art prepared by ancient people. The place is also suitable for picnic as there are a lot of shaded areas. Besides, there are some unique and compelling rock formations as well.

Death Valley

No visit to Las Vegas is complete with paying visit to this historic location. Death Valley is known for being North America’s lowest and driest place. Nonetheless, the place offers a number of outdoor activities to visitors. Moreover, the valleys, flat plains, and plain beauty of the place invariably cast a spell on the tourists. There are a number of guided tours too, and the one of the most popular tours is paleontology tour that provides a chance to view some great variety dinosaurs.

Uncovering Greatest Natural Parks In The Vicinity Of Las Vegas

View Of Zion National Park

Las Vegas is a great destination for adults as they are invariably mesmerized by the hypnotic charm of the city. The glittering nightlife and casinos have always had a great impact on the visitors. In fact, most of the people in the world have only this image of Las Vegas in their mind, and very few people know that there are some top quality natural parks in the vicinity of Las Vegas that could leave them completely awestruck. People come across some breathtaking views that really make them think that how little they are in comparison with great nature. So, here are some of the natural parks that are easily accessible from Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon has been carved out because of thousands of years’ consistent efforts of the Colorado River. It is actually a vast and deep gorge which is quite conspicuous in the great Arizona desert. The Grand Canyon is a World Heritage Site now and is around one mile in depth. Moreover, it spans a staggering 18 miles at its broadest point. There are some breathtaking lookout points including South Rim that offer unforgettable experience. Or, one could simply opt for delving deep into the canyon, as that experience is also spellbinding. Besides, there are a number of helicopter tour companies operating from Las Vegas that offer a completely different experience of visiting the site.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is another spectacular location that offers unsurpassed experience. There is a dazzling array of beautiful narrow trails which take one through this marvellous national park. Moreover, there are countless sandstone cliffs, rocky outcrops, and creeks rushing all across through the valleys. Besides, there are slot canyons that are spread all throughout the park. One could also undertake some daring adventures including plunging into the dark, and Keyhole Canyon is simply the best place to try this.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley lies towards the west of the city, and is around 120 miles away. The place has been known to have the driest, hottest, and lowest point in the whole of North America. It is spread in a vast area and has a lot of area completely dedicated to desert and sand dunes. However, besides the deserts there are some other places to explore as well including crazy yet intriguing rock formations, salt flats, ice-capped peaks, and great wildflower meadows. One could explore this national park by bike, car, or even foot.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon is located just a few miles away from Las Vegas towards the west.  It is characterized by deep canyons and crags. Moreover, there are well-marked trails that take visitors through this beautiful landscape. The best thing about the hikes is that they are suitable for beginners as well as the experts. Visitors invariably come across a number of plant and animals species that reside in the park.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead is located towards the east and is just an hour away from the city. The place is surrounded by secluded coves and busy marinas and is a popular tourist destination.

Uncovering Intriguing Things To Do In Las Vegas Along With Kids

Pictures Of Kids At Museum

intriguing places beyond that unmistakable Strip Area. So, tourists could really visit along with their kids in order to explore some of the lesser known yet highly appealing areas in Las Vegas.

Clark County Museum

Clark County Museum is inarguably the best place to visit for all those who are trying to get a glimpse into the rich history of Las Vegas. There are some interesting exhibits showing the great history of the place from pre-historic times till the present era. Children always love to see the well-preserved homes on the ‘Heritage Street’ just outside the museum. They are invariably intrigued to locate how people used to live before the advancements in information technology revolutionized everything.

Smith Center For The Performing Arts

Smith Center for the Performing Arts is another great spot to visit along with one’s family. Kids love to watch a dazzling array of shows and performances by great comedians and musicians. The pick of the lot here is Symphony Park, which has interesting and appealing gigantic sculptures depicting the rich history of the area. Besides, there are such musicals here as Mama Mia and Evita. So, a visit to the Smith Center is always full of fun and adventure.

Discovery Children’s Museum

Discovery Children’s Museum stands true to its name as there are intriguing things to discover here. Kids love to step on to the pirate ship and have unlimited fun and entertainment while posing as pirates. Then, there are countless interactive displays for kids in The Summit. The climbing structure of the museum that extending to three stories is always a great sight to see. Kids could climb the net ladders or cruise down the slides. Besides, they can also visit the Fantasy Festival exhibit and arrange impromptu performances.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is another beautiful location to visit for people along with their whole family. The place has such rejuvenating and calming influence on the people. The experience of exploring the great Mojave Desert is simply exhilarating. The place offers unlimited opportunities for picnicking, hiking, and horseback riding. One could embark upon the scenic drive spanning 13 miles that gives one access to the highlights of the park. One could always locate the best picnic areas and trailheads here. Then, there are the equestrian trails where one could enjoy horseback riding. There are some of the other great parks here which are listed here.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

This is another great location in the vicinity of Red Rock Canyon that offers plenty of picnic sites, hiking trails, and a beautiful historic ranch house to the visitors. The whole area has countless parks, and walking trails which invariably engross the visitors.

Valley Of Fire State Park

Families looking for further adventure and fun could always plan day trips from Vegas and explore the beautiful locations. One of these scintillating spots is Valley of Fire State Park which is located in Overton.

Exploring Top Class Places For Hiking In Las Vegas

View Of  Man Posing Hiking

Las Vegas has an alluring charm that attracts millions of people. They are invariably attracted to the Strip here which offers unlimited entertainment to them. However, there is a lot more that this place has to offer besides the glittering neon signs, marquee lights, and glimmering hotel complexes, as there is a whole new natural world waiting to be explored. There are some great mountains in the vicinity of Las Vegas that are worth exploring, as they offer great invigorating experience. So, here are the top class places for hiking in Las Vegas that tourists must explore.

Historic Railroad Trail

Historic Railroad Trail is a 3.7 mile stretch that gives visitors a chance to step into the rich history of Las Vegas. The trail takes one through the desert area that got built in 1930s during the building of Hoover Dam. There are around 25 tunnels here that are completely occupied by the wildlife. The experience of traversing this winding trail is really amazing.

Red Rock Canyon

Visit to Las Vegas is incomplete without hiking the beautiful trails in Red Rock Canyon region. The best part is that there are all sorts of trails here which are suitable for both experienced hikers and beginners. It is a perfect spot to explore for nature lovers, kids, and geology fans as one gets a chance to explore the rich historical past which is as old as 250 million years. So, one could also trace signs of little bipedal dinosaurs as well here.

Gold Strike Hot Spring

The trail to Gold Strike Hot Spring from Hoover Dam is one of the most daunting trails in Las Vegas. However, the experience of hitting the hot springs makes the trail worth exploring, as one is greeted by a large pool at the top which is surrounded by a narrow cave and a number of smaller little pools. However, one must be wary of the boulders there as they could get slippery, especially in the rains.

Frenchman Mountain

The trail that leads to Frenchman Mountain and Sunrise Mountain is really challenging as one needs to gain 2200 feet of elevation, and traverse through loose rocks and steep paths. However, the view of Las Vegas from the top is really spellbinding. The experience of basking at the top with sparkling lights of Las Vegas in the distance is simply unsurpassed. This is the reason why tourists are always attractive by this charming spot, despite of the difficulties involved in climbing the mountains.

Lone Mountain

Lone Mountain attracts a vast number of tourists as it is a moderate hike with great payoff. The trail is well-marked, and it is simply half a mile long trail. However, though the trail is small the hike is steep as one gains elevation of 600 foot after completing the trail. However, the trail is not that hard. Moreover, one is greeted with sweeping views of Las Vegas from the top. Tourists could simply start trekking in the evening and enjoy the breathtaking views of sunset from here. It has always been a great spot for picnic among the locals as well as the tourists.

Incredible Biking Hikes And Adventurous Spots In The Vicinity Of Las Vegas

Man Posing Biking

Las Vegas has always been labelled as the city with unlimited entertainment opportunities, availability of countless casinos, etc. Most of the tourists come here with this bent of mind. However, little do they realize that the area in the vicinity of Las Vegas is simply perfect for outdoor activities like biking. Tourists are invariably amazed to see spectacular scenery, and they are motivated to get involved in such sports. Here are some of the great spots in Las Vegas that have always caught the fancy of the sports loving people.

Valley Of Fire

Valley Of Fire enjoys the distinction of being the biggest as well as the oldest state park which is located in the vicinity of Las Vegas. It is a perfect spot to go for camping, biking, hiking, and picnicking. Tourists always find it as a welcoming spot as they are able to get away from the maddening rush about the casinos on the Strip. One could also enjoy swimming here at Roger Springs. The stones here are carved in various shapes including that of beehive, elephant, piano, etc. Moreover, there are some designated camping campsites as well.

Grapevine Canyon

Again, Grapevine Canyon is a great spot to visit for visitors to Las Vegas. It is just 90 minutes away from Las Vegas. In fact, the spot was added in National Register of Historic Places more than three decades back, in 1984. The best part about visiting the spot is that one could have an easy access to scenic and spectacular hiking routes and petroglyphs here. Moreover, hikers are always thrilled to see grape vines and waterfalls along the trails during rainy months. However, visitors are cautioned not to touch the petroglyph, and beware of the slippery surface.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is just half an hour drive from Vegas. The lake enjoys the distinction of being Western Hemisphere’s largest artificial lake. The lake came into existence during the creation of Hoover Dam. The place offers great visual delight as there are plenty of black lava rocks and red sandstone to see. Moreover, the place is also famous for fishing, speed boats, and house boats. Overall, it is a great spot to visit for visitors looking for a day trip from Vegas.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park has some of the most amazing hiking trails in the country. The best part is that it is just three hour drive from Vegas, and is suitable for a number of outdoor activities including climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and for soaking in great views of the nature. There are some challenging hikes as well here for adventure loving people, including Angels Landing, and Zion Narrows, to name a few.

Red Rock Canyon

The hiking trails here are mapped and their length range from quarter to a mile to around 6 miles. It is a perfect spot to visit for biking and hiking. Moreover, visitors are greeted with a dazzling array of wildlife, and spectacular views of Aztec limestone and sandstone formations. Also, the desert tortoise could also be spotted here.

Exploring Topmost Reasons Why Tourists Love Visiting Las Vegas

Picture Of Roller Coasters

There are a number of places in the world that catch the fantasy of travellers. Tourists are always looking for some fun activities to do in the place they visit. And then, there are art lovers waiting to explore museums, art galleries, etc. So, the place needs to cater to the varied interests of the visitors. Thankfully, Las Vegas has all these things. There is a great deal of things to do here that exhilarate the tourists. Here are topmost reasons why Las Vegas has always enjoyed an exponential number of returning visitors each year.


The hotels here are grand and splendid. Moreover, they have all the ultra-modern facilities that a person could think of. Tourists are always seen admiring the great architecture of the hotels, both from outside as well as inside. The interiors of some hotel are simply stunning. It seems as if a person is visiting a mini theme park in actuality, as the hotels are equipped with rides, bars, restaurants, shops, and casinos. Among the favourite spots of tourists is Bellagio, which offers an unimaginable experience to tourists by extending its flawless services.


There is a great deal of excitement and entertainment in Las Vegas throughout the year. Various shows are held in order to entertain the tourists and the locals. Tourists invariably love and appreciate the tenacious efforts of the authorities here that are doing their bit in order to make Las Vegas a great tourist spot. These shows give a chance to tourists to understand the true essence of culture here.

Roller Coasters

It might look inconsequential to many; however, only adventure loving people could vouch for the fact that how thrilling it is to experience to world from a totally different perspective from the top of roller coasters. There are a number of spots offering great roller coaster rides including Stratosphere, Canyon Blaster, etc to name a few.

The Casinos

Las Vegas is known as the ‘sin-city’ sometimes, just because of the unlimited amount of entertainment that it has to offer to tourists. And, the place is characterized by a great number of casinos here. Tourists love to visit the spot to get the true vibe of Las Vegas here.


Las Vegas is among the best cities in the world when it comes to offering vibrant and pulsating nightlife to people. The whole atmosphere is irresistible; so, tourists love exploring sites offering great nightlife experience, including Hyde located at Bellagio, which is always teeming with people.


Weather is always a determining factor which decides how many visitors are going to be attracted to the place. And, Las Vegas is a great location in the US that enjoys sunshine on more than 300 days. Moreover, the climate is on the hotter side, providing a relief to tourists from cold weather.


Food here is simply enthralling. Even street food is a great experience to have. There are a great number of chain restaurants as well catering to the varied demands of visitors.


Another great reason to visit Las Vegas is the diversity that it has to offer; from shops to restaurants, there are always a great number of choices available for visitors.

Excellent Shopping Spots In Las Vegas That Tourists Must Visit

Woman Posing Shopping

Las Vegas is among the most popular cities in the world offering unlimited fun and enjoyment to the visitors. The experience of visiting nightclubs, casinos, and swimming pools is simply unsurpassed. People are invariably enamoured by the city. However, apart from all this, there is a dazzling array of shopping spots in Las Vegas that offer memorable memories and high-quality branded items to the tourists. So, here is a list of some of those incredible spots in Las Vegas that are a must to visit for tourists.

Miracle Mile Shops

The experience of shopping at Miracle Mile Shops is simply unsurpassed. It is a mammoth shopping mall located inside Planet Hollywood. It is in the vicinity of The Strip, which makes it one of the frequently visited spot by the visitors. And, the best part is that tourists are able to choose from a great variety of branded products here. Besides, there are a number of restaurants here as well. Further, a visit to the casino in Planet Hollywood offers immaculate experience too.

The Forum Shops

The Forum Shops is located at Caesars Palace, and is well-known for offering quality products. There are such high-ends shops here as Gucci and Chanel. So, tourists who love to buy quality items simply love this spot. Moreover, it has won a number of awards because of the quality it provides, and since its inception in 1992, it has always been a great spot to visit.

Grand Canal Shoppes

Grand Canal Shoppes are located at the Venetian. These shops are known to offer great variety to tourists, as there are whopping 160 stores here. This is the reason why tourists cannot resist the temptation of visiting this spot and shopping at their favourite stores including Michael Kors and Tory Burch. The best part about shopping here is that people get to understand the real essence of Venice, Italy here.

Las Vegas North Premium Outlets

Again, this spot is an incredible spot for tourists, since it has a great collection of designer goods. Moreover, it is just 4 miles away from the Strip. So, all those who are looking for quality products could always visit this site.

Grand Bazaar Shops

Grand Bazaar Shops span two acres of area and is among the newest and classiest shopping centres, where a person could spend his entire day easily. There is an amazing number of shops here that cater to the varied needs of customers. The best part is that there are some favourite retailers here as well. Tourists simply love the light and sound show as well here that is organised at 9pm daily. The location of the shops is also pivotal since it is located at the Bally’s, Las Vegas.

Fashion Show Mall

Fashion Show Mall is a place where one could simply get lost for days. It is an unmistakable spot, which is located just across ‘The Wynn.’ Besides the availability of a dazzling array of outlets, shops, and other retailers there is an equally great number of dining staples here, including Maggiano’s Little Italy, and Capital Grille, to name a few.

Exploring Top Class Museums In Las Vegas Offering Elevating Experience

View Of Madame Tussauds Museum

Las Vegas has always been known as the great place for entertainment. So much so that it has earned the name of ‘sin city’ as well. People are always excited to visit the city in order to have unlimited fun and enjoyment. However, apart from being the great place for entertainment there is a dazzling array of museums in Las Vegas that represent the great historical and cultural heritage of not only Las Vegas, but other areas of the world as well. The artefacts are collected from a number of locations, and they date back to more than 500 years. So, a person could really enjoy their trip. Here is a list of some of the great museums in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art Museum

Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Arts is inarguably the best exhibition venue in Las Vegas. There are a number of exhibitions here of sculptures, paintings, other great works by most innovative and influential artists in the world. People are fortunate to find this spot that gives them a chance to see legendary works that are amassed from various countries in the world.

Clark County Museum

Clark County Museum provides a chance to the visitors to get a glimpse into the rich history of Southern Nevada. There is a great collection of homes here, which have been restored in order to recreate and represent lifestyles of people living in various periods of history. There are outdoor exhibits as well including Paiute Indian Camp, and a ghost town.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

This museum is basically a non-profit institution which has been set up with the aim of educating the families and children of various communities that exist around us at present. Moreover, it does have focus on representing the communities that existed in the past as well. The best part is that the exhibits are interactive. Moreover, educational programs are organised from time to time. The collections are well-preserved as well. So, it is a great work done by the curators as well as the administrators of the museum, since they are doing a commendable job in enhancing the understanding of the young generation about world’s ecosystems, wildlife, and cultures.

LIED Discovery Children’s Museum

There are a number of museums coming up now which are solely dedicated to children. This museum is a great example of excellent children museum, as there are a number of hands on exhibits here, which not only entertain children about arts, science, and humanities but also teach them at the same time. There is section where children pretend to perform various tasks like picking a job, depositing their savings in a bank, or buying groceries, etc. Moreover, there is a science tower as well along with a weather station. So, it is a great place to visit along with children.

Lost City Museum

This museum came into being with the strenuous efforts of National Park Service, who worked with the single-minded aim of exhibiting the artefacts that were excavated from ‘Pueblo Grande de Nevada.’ Currently, the museum is maintained by State Of Nevada.