Exploring Incredibly Amazing Photo Opportunities In Las Vegas

View Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a plethora of options for tourists. The vibrant atmosphere of the city never fails to mesmerize the visitors. Besides this, tourists also like to click photos of “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Moreover, there are a number of other signs that are liked by tourists. In fact, the place has a great number of photo opportunities here. Here are some of the photo ops in Las Vegas that are great to explore.

Bliss Dance

There are a number of locations in Las Vegas that attract the attention of the tourists. One such spot is the art piece prepared by the talented artist Marco Cochrane that stands 40 feet in height. It appeared initially at Burning Man, but since then it has been located in Las Vegas. It is actually based on actual women, who could be seen standing naked. This statue is called Bliss Dance.

Berlin Wall Located At The Main Street Station

Now, this one is among the best offbeat photo ops in Las Vegas for sure. It is a men’s restroom actually; however, access to women is also granted. Besides being the Berlin Wall, the scenery itself is attractive and unique.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall

There are a number of unique walls all over the world, but this macabre wall in the Mob Museum is a must to visit. It is quite fascinating wall that represents the whacking by Al Capone’s posse of seven mobsters.

The Pink Motel

Another intriguing site for the tourists is the Pink Motel. It is located in Fun City, and its proximity to Chapel of the Bells makes it even more intriguing.

Pink Elephant At Diamond Inn’s Motel

This Pink Elephant statue is located at Diamond Inn’s Motel, just along the Las Vegas Boulevard, and in close proximity to the unmistakable Las Vegas Sign. It has been repaired recently; so, tourists could always visit this photo op in Las Vegas.

Elephants Located At Rainforest Café

There are a number of photo ops in Las Vegas that are centred on elephants. So, there are the large elephants that are located at Rainforest Café that never fail to catch the attention of the visitors. Rainforest Café is located at the corner of Harmon Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Headless Lenin

A headless statue of Lenin could be found at Red Square bar right at Mandalay Bay. Initially, the statue was complete; however, upon receiving complaints from people, especially retired servicemen, the authorities decided to chop off the head in 1999.

Big Rig Jig

Among other most amazing and unique photo ops is the Big Rig Jig that is a 50 feet high structure weighing 25 ton. It is a great treat to watch.


This statue is a famous and popular statue in Brussels. The meaning of Manneken-Pis is ‘little man pee’ in Dutch Language. So, it is surely among the offbeat photo ops in Las Vegas.

Giant Fire Hydrant

Giant Fire Hydrant is actually the largest fire hydrant in the world which is in working condition. It is located in close proximity to Western Hotel.

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