OROGOLD Las Vegas Store Review

The OROGOLD Las Vegas Store is a 888 sq. ft. oasis of luxury that offers its customers with the very best in terms of skin care and luxurious experiences. We believe in ensuring that each and every one of our customers have a pleasurable time at our store. If you’ve visited the OROGOLD Store and would like to share your experience, please do so using the comment box on this page. We would definitely love to hear from you and learn about how you think we can serve you better.

We have a number of natural ingredients in our product including Gold and seaweeds.  For instance, Seaweed Extracts are being popularly used in many skin care products. Many homeopathic doctors also recommend the use of seaweed in daily skin care regime for quick results. As many people are not familiar with this naturally occurring ingredient, let us understand it better in details.

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The OROGOLD Store in Las Vegas
The OROGOLD store in Las Vegas offers exemplary range of skin care products for all skin types. The secrets to younger looking skin are hidden in the OROGOLD range of skin care products that are made of pure 24 K gold. It reverses the signs of aging and allows you to appear more youthful and pretty. You get a complexion of your dreams with the range of skin care products that are made using a combination of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

Once you start using the OROGOLD skin care products, you will never like to go back to your traditional skin creams or lotions. The ingredients are combined in the best manner to help your skin get that clear look that you always desired. It combats the signs of aging and give you a fresh and clean look.

Services Offered at the OROGOLD Las Vegas Store
Skin experts at the OROGOLD store have the right knowledge of the products that can suit your skin type and make you look more beautiful. You get all the products at one place. The staff will understand your skin concerns and will also offer a unique skin treatment at the store that is luxurious as well as effective. The experts make use of the products that are made of the soothing blend of 24K gold, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients that are not harsh on your skin and make you feel pampered.

Even the most stubborn spots, blemishes, and other marks are eliminated with the help of these products at the OROGOLD store. Once you take the treatment at the store, you can buy some products as advised by the skin experts to be used on a daily basis. It will nurture your skin deeply and improve cell generation. After sometime, you will see amazing results. Even if you have sensitive skin, you will find that the products suit your skin type and give you complete nourishment.

Problems like wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin issues will be dealt strongly, and all the bad marks from your skin will begin to disappear. Thus, making it look more youthful and firm. The products will not burn your skin or irritate it at all. It will leave your face clean and clear. After a few days, you will notice the improvement and love the healthy glow of your skin.


OROGOLD Review 1
The orogold store at the Forum Shops is actually one of the best cosmetic stores that I have had the pleasure of visiting. I had read about the Orogold Store in Vegas Inc and immediately made up my mind to try it out. The store itself was huge. They had this beautiful black, gold and white color scheme and it looked really good. What was even better was the service.

The moment I entered the store, I was greeted by this super nice guy who took me around the store and explained what Orogold was doing with its brand. I told him that I was basically concerned about my dry skin and he explained the different collections that they have for dry skin. I felt a bit annoyed at the amount of questions that he asked about my skin, but I think that was important in order for him to be able to suggest the best products for my skin. I mean he spent 30 minutes talking about my skin. No where else have I spent 30 minutes talking about my skin problems and discussing skin products. But then, I think that no one else has really bothered to suggest something perfect.

OROGOLD Las Vegas Product View

After much discussions, I realized that my skin indeed was very dry and with age, my face had started revealing the signs of aging. No matter how hard I tried to hide these effects, they would show up at some point or the other and make me look old and dull. The guy who was giving me the skin consultation suggested that I should try out the 24K Collagen Series as it was the perfect collection that hydrates the skin from within, removes dryness and and also repairs the signs of aging.

When he presented the entire collection to me, the first thing that really attracted me about it was the fancy packaging an innovative colors that were used on the boxes. I mean, just looking at the products made me feel so good that I wanted to lay them on my dressing table to enhance its aesthetic beauty. From what I understood, there were 4 products in this collection which consisted of a mask, renewal cream, serum and renewal night repair. He gave me full liberty to choose the product I wanted to and said that he would give me a full demonstration of the product and help me understand its benefits too.

After a small debate in my mind, I chose the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask as I have always been a person who loves experimenting with face masks. Another technician entered the room and asked me to get seated on a comfortable and luxurious sofa as she started perform the demonstration on my face. She rinsed my face with water and applied a generous amount of the mask on it. She applied it on the entire face and neck line and let it rest on my skin for around 10 minutes. I just relaxed the entire time and thought about the spa-like experience that I was undergoing.

When she was done, she notified me and then slowly rinsed off the mask with cold water. As soon as the mask left my face, I felt as if a thick layer of dirt had just been removed as my face and neck felt so light and smooth. She then explained that this product helps to restore volume to aging skin, removes dirt effectively and also establishes natural moisture levels on the skin.

On looking at myself in the mirror, I felt I was seeing a new and younger me that looked so much more beautiful and radiant! It was then that I decided that I had to purchase this amazing collection even though I knew my husband would be a little taken aback when the credit card statement would reach him the next month!

What struck me the most is that Orogold products could help me treat my dry skin and also take care of anti aging. They say that the product has real 24K gold and they even offer the gold certificate in their fancy packaging and all. At first, I was a bit skeptical about putting gold on my skin, but the effects have been wondrous. It’s been a week since I visited the store and bought the products recommended. I have been using them exactly as recommended and my husband has already begun to compliment about how different I look.

Orogold Review 2 
I often visit Las Vegas on weekends as after a hectic week at work, I often find it relaxing to visit this lively and happening city. This time I put up in a motel near Las Vegas Blvd and just hours before my flight back home, I decided to check out the place a little. That is when I came across the Orogold Las Vegas store which was the perfect definition of style, beauty and luxury.

No sooner had I stopped in front of the store that a salesgirl came running out of the store and offered me some free products to try on my skin. I tried this 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer on my skin which is supposed to provide the skin with all the essential vitamins. However, I thought this store to be just like any other and started walking away after informing the salesgirl that my skin was extremely oily and I would need something for the same.

She urged me to come inside for a minute and try out something else. She also told me that I was free to leave the store if I would not like what she has to offer. As I had nothing to lose, I stepped inside.

The salesgirl seated me in a relaxing and luxurious environment and presented a collection known as the 24K Oil-Control Series to me. When she informed me that this collection is specifically made for oily, acne-prone and aging skin that is when my interest in the products started growing. There was a cleanser, moisturizer and prevention mask in the collection.

The cleanser was effective in cleaning the skin from deep within and removes excess oil and all kinds of impurities from the face. The moisturizing cream was designed to hydrate and moisturize the oily skin without leaving behind a greasy feeling. The prevention mask was useful in cleaning and smoothing problematic and blemished areas.

What amazed me was that even before I made up my mind to purchase the collection, I was offered a free facial experience using the cleanser from this very series. Heavenly!! That is what this product felt on my face. I immediately felt as if all that dirt and excess oil had been removed from my face and it looked brighter and glowing within a few seconds.

I was so impressed by the effectiveness of the product that I decided to purchase the entire collection even though I knew my husband would blast me off on seeing the credit card statement! After all, what is more precious than your own skin that you reside in everyday?!

And what’s even better is that despite using some products two times a day, all seven days a week, they don’t show any signs of getting over either. All I can say is that I shall definitely visit the store once more when I need refills.

Orogold Review 3
If I am to say anything about the Orogold stores, uttering few words will be sufficient. Well, just a few months back I read some reviews about the Orogold stores and it was last month that I was visiting Las Vegas on a business trip. I got an opportunity one afternoon to visit the Orogold store in Las Vegas as my presentation before the clients was over. The store seemed to me one of the most chicly furbished stores in entire Vegas – it appeared that I was in a grand jewelry store and not just in a cosmetics store. The theme at the store emphasized on the fascinating inclusion of black, white and gold colours.

The store-in-charge welcomed me with a friendly smile and offered me to have a look at the products firs, which were displayed quite aesthetically all over the store. As I embarked on my tour across the stylishly decorated store the store-in-charge kept on briefing me about each of the products. There were separate sections for separate category of products, so I found it quite easy to browse through all the products quickly enough. I observed that the store attendants took special care to attend each of the customers coming into the store.

After that the store-in-charge asked me to take a seat and started discussing about my skin. For the last couple of months I was observing that due to extensive travelling my skin has turned dull and blackish being exposed to different kinds of weather conditions. I was curious to know that if Orogold could provide me a satisfactory solution and explained my problem to the store-in-charge. She began to explain me about the 24K Bio-Brightening series by Orogold – of course, she has already told me about the significance of the use of gold in the skincare products by Orogold.

It was then at the Orogold Las Vegas store that I came to know from the store in-charge about the three magical Orogold products – 24K Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer SPF 30, 24K Bio-Brightening Dark Spot Solution and 24K Bio-Brightening Complex Peeling. She told me to use all the three 24K Bio-Brightening products to get best results as within a very short period of time all my problems regarding discoloration of the skin and dull skin would disappear.

So I purchased all these three products with assurance from the store-in-charge, who also ensured me that I would get my refills at all the Orogold stores across the world. My first visit to an Orogold store turned out to be really a worthy one.

Forget All About Your Skin Troubles at the OROGOLD store in Las Vegas
OROGOLD Cosmetics can treat the different skin problems efficiently. Whether its premature aging, skin sagging or any other skin concern, the unique range of these skin care products at our OROGOLD store will help you attain a glowing look. The skin treatments at our OROGOLD store in Las Vegas is lavish and beneficial for the skin.

As you walk in our OROGOLD store in Las Vegas, you will be stunned to see the amazing range of skin care products. The products displayed not only feel and look good, but they work tremendously on your skin. The spectacular interiors of the store and the luxurious skin treatment offered by our skin experts at the store will make you fall in love with our products. The products offer promising results, and our skin care experts are always there to help you with relevant information about the products that can work wonders on your skin.

Our skin experts offer you the right moisturizers, lotions or masks that suit your skin type. The products will not cause any irritation, and you will experience a beautiful change in your skin. Using the products correctly is also important as over scrubbing or over using any product may not be correct. The skin experts have appropriate knowledge and experience of these skin care products, and these won’t compromise your skin’s natural oil production. In fact, the skin will feel more hydrated and clean as you use the products in the correct way mentioned by our experts. The products will balance the oil in your skin and give the exact nourishment your skin is craving for.

Leave your skin worries on our OROGOLD store in Las Vegas and enjoy permanent and satisfying results. As you use the skin care products daily, you will notice a tremendous improvement in your skin. Your skin will breathe and feel better, and the dull pale look will fade away.

The experience at our store will be pleasing as well. Our store staff is extremely delighted to assist the customers with a smile. They listen to your skin problems in detail and make sure the products they offer meet your precise skin needs accurately. Everything is done in sync to what your skin requires. From aging, uneven breakouts, dehydration or rough skin texture, you can bid adieu to your skin problems with the terrific range of OROGOLD skin care products at our Las Vegas store.

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