Incredible Biking Hikes And Adventurous Spots In The Vicinity Of Las Vegas

Man Posing Biking

Las Vegas has always been labelled as the city with unlimited entertainment opportunities, availability of countless casinos, etc. Most of the tourists come here with this bent of mind. However, little do they realize that the area in the vicinity of Las Vegas is simply perfect for outdoor activities like biking. Tourists are invariably amazed to see spectacular scenery, and they are motivated to get involved in such sports. Here are some of the great spots in Las Vegas that have always caught the fancy of the sports loving people.

Valley Of Fire

Valley Of Fire enjoys the distinction of being the biggest as well as the oldest state park which is located in the vicinity of Las Vegas. It is a perfect spot to go for camping, biking, hiking, and picnicking. Tourists always find it as a welcoming spot as they are able to get away from the maddening rush about the casinos on the Strip. One could also enjoy swimming here at Roger Springs. The stones here are carved in various shapes including that of beehive, elephant, piano, etc. Moreover, there are some designated camping campsites as well.

Grapevine Canyon

Again, Grapevine Canyon is a great spot to visit for visitors to Las Vegas. It is just 90 minutes away from Las Vegas. In fact, the spot was added in National Register of Historic Places more than three decades back, in 1984. The best part about visiting the spot is that one could have an easy access to scenic and spectacular hiking routes and petroglyphs here. Moreover, hikers are always thrilled to see grape vines and waterfalls along the trails during rainy months. However, visitors are cautioned not to touch the petroglyph, and beware of the slippery surface.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is just half an hour drive from Vegas. The lake enjoys the distinction of being Western Hemisphere’s largest artificial lake. The lake came into existence during the creation of Hoover Dam. The place offers great visual delight as there are plenty of black lava rocks and red sandstone to see. Moreover, the place is also famous for fishing, speed boats, and house boats. Overall, it is a great spot to visit for visitors looking for a day trip from Vegas.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park has some of the most amazing hiking trails in the country. The best part is that it is just three hour drive from Vegas, and is suitable for a number of outdoor activities including climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and for soaking in great views of the nature. There are some challenging hikes as well here for adventure loving people, including Angels Landing, and Zion Narrows, to name a few.

Red Rock Canyon

The hiking trails here are mapped and their length range from quarter to a mile to around 6 miles. It is a perfect spot to visit for biking and hiking. Moreover, visitors are greeted with a dazzling array of wildlife, and spectacular views of Aztec limestone and sandstone formations. Also, the desert tortoise could also be spotted here.