Unearthing Best Scenic Drives From Las Vegas

View Of Highway 95

Las Vegas is surely not limited to the Strip, since the city has a lot more to offer to the tourists. There are incredible natural spots here that straightaway delight the visitors. In fact, embarking upon the scenic drives is one of the most wonderful ways of exploring the beautiful locations in the vicinity of Las Vegas. Here are some of the most popular and refreshing scenic drives from Las Vegas that are located within the distances of 60 miles.

Highway 95 Towards Route Number 157

Highway 95 makes up for a great scenic drive from Las Vegas as one comes across such great views along with way. One just needs to travel 35 miles on the highway when they come across signs of Mt. Charleston Mountains. By taking a left turn there and travelling 20 miles towards the west, one reaches the great Mt. Charleston Lodge. It is simply amazing to witness the conversion of desert landscapes into lush mountains. One could choose one of the trails at the mountains and enjoy the cool breeze and breathtaking views of the surroundings. Moreover, the food at the lodge is tempting and mouth-watering as well. So, one could spend some time there and once again enjoy the great scenic drive while coming back to the plain area.

Lee Canyon To Route 158

This is another great route that tourists can explore in order to enjoy nature at its best. There are clear signs on Lee Canyon or Route No. 156 that point toward Route 158. One gets to experience some incredible views of the surroundings, and instantly feels elevated and thrilled. Besides this great drive, one could always enjoy visiting Lee Canyon in order to enjoy skiing there, as the region is known to offer excellent conditions for skiing. So, a simple drive down this lane enables a person experience the breathtaking scenery on both sides.

Red Rock Canyon Loop

Red Rock Canyon Loop is a 13 mile loop that lets one see starkly beautiful imagery and scenery. One simply needs to embark upon Highway 159 that takes one to widely popular Red Rock Canyon. It is a one way loop that is simply elevating. Besides, the destination, that is- ‘Red Rock Visitor Center’ is a great destination in itself, as there are countless recreational opportunities here and a great variety of wildlife. The experience of getting so close to nature is simply unsurpassed.

Blue Diamond Bend

Highway 159 takes one to amazing destinations, and moreover, the drive itself is simply stunning. If one feels like exploring more natural destinations after they have visited Red Rock Canyon Loop, then they can continue on this highway in order to discover this unassuming yet marvellous site called Blue Diamond Bend. It is a must-to-visit place for budding artists, who want to take inspiration from the mountains. One also gets a chance to see the ‘Bonnie Springs.’ Besides, the things that characterize the spot include gun fights, cowboys, a train, and a zoo that has a number of indigenous animals. The drive is very popular among the families with kids, as it gives kids a chance to amass some amazingly memorable experience.