Uncovering Greatest Natural Parks In The Vicinity Of Las Vegas

View Of Zion National Park

Las Vegas is a great destination for adults as they are invariably mesmerized by the hypnotic charm of the city. The glittering nightlife and casinos have always had a great impact on the visitors. In fact, most of the people in the world have only this image of Las Vegas in their mind, and very few people know that there are some top quality natural parks in the vicinity of Las Vegas that could leave them completely awestruck. People come across some breathtaking views that really make them think that how little they are in comparison with great nature. So, here are some of the natural parks that are easily accessible from Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon has been carved out because of thousands of years’ consistent efforts of the Colorado River. It is actually a vast and deep gorge which is quite conspicuous in the great Arizona desert. The Grand Canyon is a World Heritage Site now and is around one mile in depth. Moreover, it spans a staggering 18 miles at its broadest point. There are some breathtaking lookout points including South Rim that offer unforgettable experience. Or, one could simply opt for delving deep into the canyon, as that experience is also spellbinding. Besides, there are a number of helicopter tour companies operating from Las Vegas that offer a completely different experience of visiting the site.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is another spectacular location that offers unsurpassed experience. There is a dazzling array of beautiful narrow trails which take one through this marvellous national park. Moreover, there are countless sandstone cliffs, rocky outcrops, and creeks rushing all across through the valleys. Besides, there are slot canyons that are spread all throughout the park. One could also undertake some daring adventures including plunging into the dark, and Keyhole Canyon is simply the best place to try this.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley lies towards the west of the city, and is around 120 miles away. The place has been known to have the driest, hottest, and lowest point in the whole of North America. It is spread in a vast area and has a lot of area completely dedicated to desert and sand dunes. However, besides the deserts there are some other places to explore as well including crazy yet intriguing rock formations, salt flats, ice-capped peaks, and great wildflower meadows. One could explore this national park by bike, car, or even foot.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon is located just a few miles away from Las Vegas towards the west.  It is characterized by deep canyons and crags. Moreover, there are well-marked trails that take visitors through this beautiful landscape. The best thing about the hikes is that they are suitable for beginners as well as the experts. Visitors invariably come across a number of plant and animals species that reside in the park.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead is located towards the east and is just an hour away from the city. The place is surrounded by secluded coves and busy marinas and is a popular tourist destination.

Baby Friendly Vegas – Visiting Las Vegas With Kids

The Famous Wonder Wheel In Coney Island

Marco Rubino / Shutterstock.com

Las Vegas is a place of many possibilities, many of which have parents thinking twice about visiting the place with kids. However, Vegas is not just a city of vice; it can be a place that is welcoming to children as much as adults. Las Vegas can be a paradise where sippy-cups and cocktails intertwine. So, without further ado here is what Las Vegas has for families that plan to visit with kids.

Las Vegas For Toddlers

For most parents, Vegas cannot be associated with toddlers; the two should never go together. But, that is a harsh take. Las Vegas should not put off parents from visiting with their children. If you believe Vegas offer adult fun, you only know half the truth. Las Vegas also is a place with many activities for small kids found in various locations such as the Bellagio, the Dolphin Habitat, and Coney Island Emporium among others. Some of the attractions offer fun and others are educational.

Potty Breaks On The Strip

Bathroom breaks may not be a simple affair when walking the strip with a toddler; it may sometimes be a hit and miss affair. Nevertheless, several establishments have noted the growing number of parents visiting with their kids and ensure that they also cater children. For instance, the bathrooms at the Bellagio have a section for mom to clean their toddlers; the rooms are big enough to fit a stroller. Also, they have nursing areas that have a comfy sitting for mothers to attend to their babies. Bellagio’s interest in entertaining kids and adults is also evidenced by the dancing fountains at the hotel’s front entrance never miss to bedazzle children, with their spectacular water displays.

Animal Fun At The Mirage

The Mirage offers plenty of fun for kids. It is home to the Dolphin Habitat and the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden. Parents with toddlers in strollers can take their children to the bottom level to have a close and personal view of the lovable dolphins. The habitat is made of massive glass walls where kids place their hands and faces as they try to touch and kiss the dolphins when they come close to the glass. If the children have had enough of the dolphins, they can watch tigers and lions at the Big Cat section. The roars of the lions may scare some kids so parents should exercise caution when taking their young ones to this part of the Mirage.

Carnival At The Coney Island

The Coney Island Emporium is one of the few places in Vega where kids make all manner of sounds as they are dazzled by the lights and sounds or the carnival games. The Emporium can have parents entertained as they stroll around while catering to the joys of their children. Part of the joys includes getting the kids some snacks and the Emporium is known to have some of the best ice cream on the strip. Potty breaks will not be a complex affair because there are stations designed for such issues, though they cannot compare to what Bellagio has to offer.

Vegas Kids’ Activities Bucket List: What Las Vegas Has To Offer Children

Beautiful View Of Mandalay Bay

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Many people think of Las Vegas as a “Sin City” that is not ideal to take kids for a trip. However, the city is not all about adult fun and entertainment. If you are wondering is Vegas has kid attractions and activities, wonder not. Las Vegas has a lot to offer the little youngster with something new and amazing waiting at near every corner. Here is a list of the plethora of activities that children can enjoy when in Vegas.

Big Apple Coaster At New York-New York

Vegas is a city of possibilities, and a roller coaster running for the top of a building is a testament to the lengths the city goes to be Americas entertainment hub. While very few grownups relish such fun, some kids will not leave Vegas without trying this thriller of a ride.

Shark Reef Aquarium Of Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas is a city where anything is possible, if fountains can shoot water 460ft into the air in a desert, then an aquarium should not come as a surprise. It might not be so big, but it is home to various sea creatures including sharks. Kids love such close interactions with marine life.

M&M World

Kids always have a sweet tooth, and no other place in Vegas grants them the opportunity to indulge in such niceties than the M&M World. They get to enjoy an array of flavors and colors leaving them craving for more. It is a world of sugary delights that even gets the better of adults.

Fountains Of Bellagio

The Bellagio fountains are always a spectacle to behold.  The water shoots up into the air while in sync to the playing music and changing lighting add to the overall show. It is a free show that attracts a huge audience.

Fall Of Atlantis At Caesars Palace

If it is free, then it should be worth a try. That is what Caesar’s Palace has to offer on the hour, every hour. The show is a depiction of the fall of the mythical city of Atlantis with water, fire, and all the works. It is a delight for the kids to watch especially when the fire-breathing dragons step into the scene.

Bodies The Exhibition

Bodies the Exhibition is a museum that had managed to turn a gruesome display into something educational and captivating. While it may be a place to take the kids, those under eight years may not like what they will see. Hence, it is a place that parents should consider whether or not it is suitable for their kids. Nevertheless, the exhibits are meant for education purposes. Some of the items on display include human bodies that show various issues such as real lungs damaged by smoking, a fetus’ development process, and other exhibits.

The Mob Museum

A museum dedicated to the life of crime may not sound like a family attraction, but it is a place that is insightful and educational for the family. However, not every is fit for children thus several rooms have a PG rating.

A Look Into The Art And Culture Of Las Vegas

Beautiful View Of City Center

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Las Vegas has a number of art galleries and studios displaying diverse pieces of art including metal works and animal art cells depicting Elvis, oversized yarn towers, three-dimensional clay sculptures, modern depictions of human figures, to name a few. The city, which is famous for high rollers, is also famous for world-class art, in the form of photography, sculpture, painting or performance.

The Festival At Downtown Las Vegas

The Arts District at Downtown Las Vegas comprises a unique mélange of galleries. Owing to its original 18 blocks, this district came to be known as “18b”, and it has considerably grown in recent years to become a cultural hub. Each month, an art and cultural festival is organized. It is called First Friday, since it is held on the first Friday. Around 20,000 visitors grace this lively event, wherein they can see, purchase, drink, eat and mingle.

While artists exhibit their works, visual artists perform, and musicians play to the huge crowd of people. On the whole, the event offers a fantastic experience, with all its smells, sights and sounds. Here tourists can buy art for their homes, along with handcrafted leather wallets, stone jewellery, and funky magnets, amongst others.

The Popular Art Galleries

The diverse art galleries of Las Vegas house some of the finest classics. The following are some of the notable galleries.

  • The Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art

It is one of the best galleries. From 10th January 2015, it holds an exclusive exhibition of 43 Picasso paintings, lithographs and linocuts from 1930s to 1970s. The name of the exhibition is ‘Picasso: Creatures and Creativity’, and it highlights the artist’s capability to represent the human form with the help of color, movement and lines. The displays offer a wonderful opportunity to view portraits that were created over a period of 40 years. One can visit the gallery from 10am to 8pm, by paying an admission cost of $19.

  • City Center

This is a public place housing the city’s first permanent art collection. Moreover, it is also the biggest collection of corporate art in the world. The corridors, lobbies and outdoor spaces are filled with gigantic installations, sculptures and paintings, which range from the ornate to the vibrant and the intimate. On one hand there are collections like a cascading waterfall depicted in a stone and granite wall, and on the other hand, there is a sculpture measuring 10 feet, depicting a baby within a mother’s embrace. The collections, amounting to about $40 million, are strategically positioned so that that the visitors can have diverse experiences.

  • The Armillary Sphere

Amidst the world of nightclubs and slot machines at the Venetian Resort and Hotel, there is the Armillary Sphere which offers a brilliant display of Renaissance engineering and art. The works lie under an ornate frescoed ceiling.

The Popular Musical Performances

Las Vegas becomes lively with different musical performances, one of the most popular ones being the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra. The ‘Masterworks and Pops Series’ of this organization ropes in local talent along with globally famous guest conductors and soloists. If one wants to enjoy musicals, plays, dance, concerts and theatre, the Smith Center for the Performing Arts is the place to be.


Las Vegas Strip

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They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. With major attractions, shows, and the best eateries, from wild weekends to amazing, family trips and shotgun weddings, Las Vegas is a city where everything is possible. It is a city full of life particularly on the wild side, but it also is a place where families can come and have a fun holiday.


One of the things that people love doing when they come visiting is trying their luck at gambling, placing bets in some of the most famous casinos is the world. Caesars Palace is the icon of the betting scene. It has been around for over 50 years. Other tops casinos that will still offer the thrills of gambling among other forms of entertainment are Bellagio, Palms Casino, the Golden Nugget, Gamblers General Store, Circus Circus, and Gold Coast Casino.


If you think of a famous destination in any part of the world, then you probably will find it in Vegas. Many of the hotels in the city have themes that pay homage to various locale around the world. If you are thinking of Egypt, France, Brazil, Italy, or even somewhere special in America, Vegas most likely will have it; that is the magic of this city. For instance, Bellagio has a replica of Lake Como in Italy.


Now you might if such an offer exists. Just come to Las Vegas and ask for the double decker tour buses and you will tour the strip. You can pay six dollars to enjoy a two-hour troll or eight dollars for a full day ride to Downtown and back. The tour buses are called the Deuce and for $20 you get a three-day pass for the trip.


Las Vegas has its fair share of water shows ranging from fountains and waterfalls, but the showstopper is the dancing fountains. The show takes place in a strip on an 8 ½ acre lake in front of the Bellagio. 1,200 geysers erupt, shooting out water every half hour. Another water spectacle worth going to see when in Vegas is the Wynn Lake of Dreams. It is a two-in-one experience where you dine next to a mountainside.


Well, this is yet another crazy yet funny thing synonymous with Vegas. The city has, for a long time, been the go-to place to have a bachelor or bachelorette party and then go a lighting quick wedding. The Little White Wedding Chapel would be an excellent choice for that starry nuptial. It is where Mia Farrow and Sinatra tied the knot. Other options include the Viva Las Vegas Chapel and the Wee Kirk o’ the Heather.


When all’s said and done, coming to Vegas is often with the aim of having fun and submitting to experience the entertainment scene; that’s how you will enjoy every minute of every day you will spend in this “Sin City.” From the theaters to the Casinos, the clubs, shopping malls, to chic restaurants you only get to leave once and make the most of it when in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas City View

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Once upon a time, Las Vegas were regarded as the dark place that drained people’s pockets. A place where one would go with only one thing in mind – gamble. There was nothing to see, nothing to experience except for blackjack and poker tables. Well, at least, that’s what people thought. That Vegas was a place full of establishments that intentionally concealed clocks and complimented visitors with loads of alcohol hoping they lose the awareness of time.


Contrary to that description, present day Las Vegas has all the necessary facts to obliterate any such opinions. Visitors, domestic and foreign alike, come with previously set schedule about the attractions they want to see. The Strip, fountains, rollercoaster’s, replicas of famous world landmarks and countless more magnificent structures are all there for people to admire. Parking themselves on a casino chair is most definitely not the main objective anymore. And for that very reason MGM Resorts is about to unveil an entire park, called The Park, to visitors and offers them the ultimate outside experience.

According to Jenn Michaels, MGM Resorts’ senior PR VP, modern day customers want the ability to decide, experience and taste their own fate. She adds that the times when people came to Vegas and remained in one place for the entire duration of their stay is gone, and people now want much more.


The park takes its inspiration from the most popular squares and promenades on the globe, and according to Michaels, it will lure people away from the chaos of the Strip. Similar to almost everything else in Las Vegas, the park will be a pretty astonishing piece of architecture. It has been constructed in such a manner that will provide people with a refreshing area with places to sit, sense local plants, big trees and most bewildering – a 50-foot high shading. It will provide much-needed protection from the scorching sunlight during the day, as well as a spectacular light show in the evening via the installed LED lights. If for some reason that isn’t enough, met quartzite sculptures will be placed at several positions, as well as a water wall over 100 feet tall. Well, it may not feature a football field but it is pretty amazing, and after all, it is the desert.


There is no need for concern, though; the park will offer ways for you to spend some money. There will be no gambling, however, there will be small restaurants and fast food stores from the most popular brands. While most of the venues have already been taken, there is one still up for grasps. Shake Shack, Sake Rok, California Pizza Kitchen, Beer Garden are some of the brands getting ready to serve in the Park.

A “neighborhood environment” is how Michaels referred to the Park, suggesting it would be a place where visitors will feel compelled to roam, socialize, find something to eat and relax. So far, everything about Las Vegas screams of money spending and this Park may well be the only place where visitors can truly relax free of charge.


Gordon Ramsay Restaurant in Las Vegas

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Recently, an extraordinary set of restaurants have started serving in Vegas, offering meals beyond your imagination. Therefore, everyone able to recognize and cherish a quality dish should make time and head to Vegas to taste these one-of-a-kind meals. Vegas has expanded in every possible aspect, and this latest addition of exquisite restaurants explains why food gourmets and chefs travel to Vegas in hopes to have their minds blown by the tastiest of meals. So, if you are a food lover and have been postponing your long overdue trip to the Strip there has never been a better time to remedy that. Take a look at some of the hottest restaurants in Vegas:


Previously known as The Hotel, Delano is home to the Rivea. A recently remodeled restaurant, thanks to the one and only, chef Alain Ducasse, with a fresh modern shine. A perfect mixture of Provence ingredients and elegant Italian dishes. Octopus salad with coco beans, striped bass carpaccio will make your food senses go crazy. And to top it off, there is that spectacular 180-degree view.


Aria’s latest addition which focuses on seafood found its inspiration not far from Vegas – California. The standout feature was introduced by chef Brian Malarkey: food that is supposed to be consumed in small bites carefully prepared by picked meat and farmers market ingredients. Apart from seafood specialties, Herringbone also offers a wide range of dishes from grilled food to steaks and chops.


In addition to the LA restaurant, now there is an equally remarkable version in the well-known Caesars Palace. Start your meal with some outstanding wine, while enjoying the view of the Garden of the Gods pool. The menu offers a variety of family-friendly meals, including the mandatory duck. Do not leave without tasting the duck. Whatever you order, you won’t regret it.


While the previous restaurant, Botero, did not bring much success, Encore’s new addition is not going to have the same issue. The location and surroundings can’t get any better. Jardin offers something for everyone, since it serves all daily meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The renowned lobster rolls makes your mouth water.


This restaurant, located in the Bellagio, offers something completely different and unique. If you are trying to eat healthy this is the perfect place. Seafood passionately prepared in a stone oven as well as a variety of vegetarian dishes are just some of the gems in this restaurants vault. In addition to healthy food, there are also herb-based cocktails.


Aside from Herringbone, Aria is also the home of Carbone. As you can imagine, by the name, the restaurant features delicious Italian food. Spaghetti, rigatoni, ravioli, linguini prepared in such a way that will make you think you’ve seen and tasted perfection.

These restaurants have added a new flair to Vegas and it would be an absolute pity if you don’t make the effort to taste some of the best dishes you will ever have.


Las Vegas Sign

Last year more than 42 million people visited Las Vegas breaking the earlier record of 20i4’s record which was of 41.1m (million) visitors according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority statistics.  The strange thing is that the increasing number of visitors haven’t affected the casinos in a positive manner because it has been a generic rule that if more number of people came into Vegas they would obviously increase the gaming business. In fact, 2014 having a record number of visitors still couldn’t take out the casino industry from this situation and its ben 8 years now the industry in Vegas is in red. The Casino Industry lost $662 million just last year. There was also a record loss of $6.8 billion in the year 2009 which lead to a number of other issues in the area.


According to senior research analysts, people are not spending much money on gambling but spending this money to buy comfort like nice hotel rooms, accessories and other things necessary for a room or home. The situation is simple because the people are not playing that much as they used to so less people decreases the number of possible customers. The losses are decreasing with every New Year and it is expected that in year 2016 more than 42 million visitors will be enjoying Las Vegas and more number of visitors, more amount being used in casinos.

The Alon Las Vegas Casino and Genting Group’s Resorts World which are the new projects and are going to be completed in 2018 could be a lucky charm for the Sin City. The city’s hotel business is going great and the occupancy rose from 0.7 percent to 89 percent. Las Vegas Strip Hotel occupancy was almost 94 percent through October.


The people who want to visit Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory in Louisville must know that nowadays record number of people are visiting the historical place. The officials at the museum said that 314,149 people came here to visit last year which broke the record of year 2003. Officials also pointed out towards the possible reasons of this increase in number of visitors which either could be exhibition of trading cards along with longer summer hours.


You can also enjoy the beautiful city of Vegas as it is famous for its casinos all around the world. The gambling life of Vegas cannot be compared to any other city as it is the hub of gambling internationally. Everyday people rise and fall in this sea of gambling and many fortunes are made while many are destroyed. The city welcomes everybody and the rich culture of the city gives you the chance to explore all the aspects of the area without any restriction. This is the reason why it is famous all around the world and everybody knows the name of “Las Vegas” because if you want to gamble, you gamble in Vegas.

Las Vegas: Hotels To Stay


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Las Vegas is a city that always treats its tourists like royalties. When you reach Las Vegas, whether it is for business or for pleasure, you will get a special treatment. For the hotels in this city, no request is too grand and no wish too fanciful. When you actually reach Las Vegas, it will be difficult to locate a hotel to stay. This is because the hotels here have such diversity and variety that it will be difficult for you to pick any one of them. Obviously, you cannot stay in all of them at the same time. Therefore, if you have to pick any one of them, you will have to know your priorities right. To aid you in picking the perfect hotel, given below a list of some of the best places from which you can choose from.

Caesars Palace

If you visit Vegas and do not stay in Caesars Palace then your visit will go in vain. This hotel is synonymous with Las Vegas. Although, this hotel opened in 1966, it still holds the same attraction for tourists and business visitors alike. Its lavish rooms, extravagant entertainment, hot nightlife, gourmet dining, will provide you with an out of the world experience. This hotel is a must stay if you like to laze over a drink, enjoy your entertainment, relish your food, take risks in poker. It will provide you with the maximum Vegas experience. The experience here has to be taken in order to be believed.

Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel will offer you the experience of the hippest, most rollicking joint in town. It houses Vegas’s hottest concert hall and has a pool complex. Its nightspots, restaurants, and shopping plazas are to die for.  You can have a fun-filled birthday party or anniversary at this venue. The staff here is very courteous and welcoming. Not only will they lay out all the facilities before you, but they will also help you make a decision as to which you should try out first. And, they have a magnificent casino, where you can try out your luck.


If you are on a business visit to Las Vegas, then this is the hotel to stay in. Conveniently located on the Las Vegas strip, the Cosmopolitan is a hotel featuring a 100,000 square foot casino, a nightclub, many bars, three separate pools to relax in, a 44,000 square-foot spa and much more. This hotel also provides you access to the latest equipment including computers, a business center, projectors, 150,000 square feet of meeting space to accommodate different types and sizes of events. You will love your stay here right from the time you check-in to the time you leave.

Thus, we have seen that the city of Las Vegas has a number of hotels to stay in. Each of these hotels will pamper you to such an extent that when it is time to check out, you will find it difficult to let go of the place. This is because of the superior customer service and facilities that hotels in Las Vegas provide. Truly, Las Vegas is a veritable paradise for the tourist.

The Shopping Guide To Las Vegas

The Crystals at City Center, Las Vegas

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With the number of shops that exist in Las Vegas, you will be annoyed at yourself to not have carried all your credit cards with you on a trip here.  From bratty spendthrifts to those on a strict budget, Las Vegas has a lot to offer for all its shoppers. With access to an endless number of stores, the shopper inside you is in for a huge treat while visiting Las Vegas. Here is a list of shopping store and place that you definitely want to visit:

  • Bonanza:
    This is indeed a paradise. This store has all kinds of gifts that you can think of giving someone. It has cups, postcards, jewelry, cards and almost everything you can think of. It is the perfect place to buy souvenirs from for your family and friends. It sells unique gifts and has created a style of its own over all these years. It is even referred to as the world’s largest gift shop. It certainly does live up to the hype it has created.
  • Cosmopolitan:

    This is one such shopping place that depicts style, elegance and sophistication. It brings a certain amount of class in its aura. The place is very well designed and it sells everything chic. It attracts a more urban crowd as the place is known for its hip and international atmosphere. It is a three storey building and is designed in such a beautiful way that once the buyers enter, they won’t leave the shop empty handed. It is always crowded as the store sells unique, trendy and different stuff. You won’t get to see the usual over here.

  • Crystals:
    This building at the City Center is huge and made of white stones. It is really vast and has all the designer labels. It also has a chain of restaurants that bring in the amazing taste of the place. This building I really tall and it is filled with hundreds of people every day, yet it never appears crowded. That’s the beauty of this place, it gives everyone all the space they need.
  • John Varvatos:
    This is the ideal shopping destination for men. From funky sportswear to classic suits, it offers everything in different patterns. It has shoes and accessories as well. This is a must-visit place for all the men out there. It will give you the best quality of anything you take from here.
  • Retro Vegas:
    This is a place where you can find thousands of antique vintage stuff. It has furniture, ashtrays, cups, etc. from a different time period. It gives you the essence of the retro times and that is amazing.
  • Las Vegas Premium Outlets:
    The last but not the least, this outlet will make you realize what you have been missing out on. From Hugo Boss to Adidas to Calvin Klien and so much more, the goods here are less expensive when compared to any other place. It has almost 150 stores inside the outlet and many different brands.