Las Vegas’ Top Class Restaurants Serving Healthy And Nutritious Food

Picture Of Nutritious Food

Las Vegas is a top tourist destination. The hospitality industry of this area is well-developed as well as there are a number of top class restaurants serving compellingly delicious food to the visitors. However, most of the restaurants here make the conscious people guilty of eating too many calories since the food invariably contains more than what is recommended by most of the dieticians. However, fortunately, the place has got a number of restaurants which cater to provide healthy and nutritious food to the customers; even if that means that they are not getting the tag of being popular, since they are not serving the dishes that are hot favourites. Still, the trend of eating healthy food is picking up speed as people are suffering from various ailments now, and thus, it is good to go for healthier eating options.


Proteinhouse in Henderson has come up with the endeavours of a couple who enjoyed bodybuilding. So, one could expect to be served with extremely healthy and nutritious dishes. Moreover, the speciality of the restaurant is that it serves fresh dishes that are prepared only after getting the order from the customers. So, all the dishes including whey protein pancakes, bison burgers, chicken sandwich, etc. are prepared right from scratch. Moreover, the place also serves coffee, and the most popular one is ‘frappuccino’


The chefs here have made it a point here to make half of the dishes having less than 600 calories. The healthy dishes prepared here include cauliflower that is presented in buffalo sauce, arrabbiata flatbread that is served along with vegan almond cheese. Moreover, one could also eat spinach salad here that includes goat cheese, filet mignon, walnuts, and pears.

The Juice Standard

The Juice Standard has carved a niche for itself for serving fresh juices that come in a number of novel flavours. For instance, the juice ‘The Bee WHealthy’ blends celery, cucumber, apple, kale, romaine, parsley, ginger, lemon, turmeric, and dandelion in just a single drink. The staff here is full of experience and can suggest the most appropriate juice according to a person’s taste. The food served here includes Greek yogurt parfait, salad, chia seed puddings that are made to perfection with nut milk.


Eatt at West Valley is a recently opened restaurant that is making a name in providing ‘healthy’ French food. One could simply grab salads, sandwiches, and wraps on the go, or could sit and eat other nutritious dishes containing creatively prepared chicken that is served along with fresh vegetables. Other innovative dish includes guacamole that is served along with creamy broccoli.

Daily Kitchen

Daily Kitchen at Summerlin and Henderson excels in providing family meals to the people. The ingredients here are carefully sourced as well. The family-sized hearty rotisserie meal here includes a Caesar salad, and perfectly done rotisserie chicken, along with curried cauliflower that is served along with turmeric, and black Tuscan kale. Among the other popular dishes are Mary’s free-range delicious chicken bone broth that is made from scratch, frozen and yummy Greek yogurt that comes along with four different choices of delectable toppings.