Exploring Topmost Venues For Outdoor Shopping In Las Vegas

View Of Las Vegas Container Park

Las Vegas enjoys great climate throughout the year. And, the best thing about pleasant weather is that it provides plenty of options for people. They could visit the beach, or any other park. Moreover, the concept of outdoor shopping district has also increased in the recent years. There is a whole range of shops and restaurants here, which provide ample opportunities to people to choose the best things. They could simply have a leisurely stroll and walk past great stalls, shops, etc. displaying attractive items. These shopping places are just like malls; however, the difference is one strolls in the open. So, besides visiting the casinos one could always enjoy a dazzling array of outdoor shopping district in Las Vegas. In fact, these shopping districts are located everywhere in Las Vegas, and people are always attracted to them. The most popular among those is the one which is the closest to ‘The Vegas Strip.’

Downtown Summerlin

Downtown Summerlin is the latest shopping district in Vegas. There is a great range of restaurants and bars here. The best part is the great location of the shopping district, since it is just stone’s throw away from Red Rock Casino. Vegas Strip is not so far as well since it is just 20 minutes away. So, there is a great shopping plaza here that has a great range of retail outlets. People are always amazed to discover great dining options here.

Green Valley Ranch

The shopping district in Green Valley Ranch enjoys great location as well since Vegas Strip is just 15 minutes away from here. The cobblestone streets here are completely different from the architecture and ambience in Las Vegas. So, one could enjoy a completely different experience here. The district is not so sprawling, but at the same time it is among the cosiest of the shopping districts.

Tivoli Village

Again, Tivoli Village is simply 20 minutes from Vegas Strip. The place has a hypnotic charm which always casts a spell on the visitors. They are stunned by a completely different ambience here. One feels as if they are in some Italian village as there is a dazzling array of restaurants, coffee shops, and retail outlets here which represent the culture of Italy. Tivoli village has become so popular among the tourists that the administration is currently working upon expanding the shopping district in order to accommodate the huge rush of tourists here. Though there are apprehensions that it may disturb the essence of the place, still, people are hopeful that the place will continue to have great influence on the visitors.

Town Square

Town Square is similar to the shopping district at Downtown Summerlin. Again, it is very close to the Strip. Moreover, Mandalay Bay is also just a mile away. There are a variety of traditional mall stores here including Apple and Aeropostale.

Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park is basically a family oriented place. Moreover, it is counted among popular entertainment areas of the town. The best part is that there is something for everyone here. There are faux shipping containers which have multiple levels of restaurants, small shops, and bars.

Exploring Incredibly Amazing Photo Opportunities In Las Vegas

View Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a plethora of options for tourists. The vibrant atmosphere of the city never fails to mesmerize the visitors. Besides this, tourists also like to click photos of “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Moreover, there are a number of other signs that are liked by tourists. In fact, the place has a great number of photo opportunities here. Here are some of the photo ops in Las Vegas that are great to explore.

Bliss Dance

There are a number of locations in Las Vegas that attract the attention of the tourists. One such spot is the art piece prepared by the talented artist Marco Cochrane that stands 40 feet in height. It appeared initially at Burning Man, but since then it has been located in Las Vegas. It is actually based on actual women, who could be seen standing naked. This statue is called Bliss Dance.

Berlin Wall Located At The Main Street Station

Now, this one is among the best offbeat photo ops in Las Vegas for sure. It is a men’s restroom actually; however, access to women is also granted. Besides being the Berlin Wall, the scenery itself is attractive and unique.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall

There are a number of unique walls all over the world, but this macabre wall in the Mob Museum is a must to visit. It is quite fascinating wall that represents the whacking by Al Capone’s posse of seven mobsters.

The Pink Motel

Another intriguing site for the tourists is the Pink Motel. It is located in Fun City, and its proximity to Chapel of the Bells makes it even more intriguing.

Pink Elephant At Diamond Inn’s Motel

This Pink Elephant statue is located at Diamond Inn’s Motel, just along the Las Vegas Boulevard, and in close proximity to the unmistakable Las Vegas Sign. It has been repaired recently; so, tourists could always visit this photo op in Las Vegas.

Elephants Located At Rainforest Café

There are a number of photo ops in Las Vegas that are centred on elephants. So, there are the large elephants that are located at Rainforest Café that never fail to catch the attention of the visitors. Rainforest Café is located at the corner of Harmon Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Headless Lenin

A headless statue of Lenin could be found at Red Square bar right at Mandalay Bay. Initially, the statue was complete; however, upon receiving complaints from people, especially retired servicemen, the authorities decided to chop off the head in 1999.

Big Rig Jig

Among other most amazing and unique photo ops is the Big Rig Jig that is a 50 feet high structure weighing 25 ton. It is a great treat to watch.


This statue is a famous and popular statue in Brussels. The meaning of Manneken-Pis is ‘little man pee’ in Dutch Language. So, it is surely among the offbeat photo ops in Las Vegas.

Giant Fire Hydrant

Giant Fire Hydrant is actually the largest fire hydrant in the world which is in working condition. It is located in close proximity to Western Hotel.

Unearthing Marvellous Roadside Artworks In Las Vegas

View Of Las Vegas

Las Vegas attracts visitors from all over the world. The availability of plethora of opportunities to spend quality time here makes the place one of the most loved cities in the world. Moreover, the presence of a dazzling array of casinos here has earned it the sobriquet of ‘Sin City.’ However, apart from entertainment places here, there are plenty of sites that are a treat to watch. There are beautiful roadside attractions here that never fail to mesmerize the visitors. Art lovers love to simply roam around in the city and come across scintillating pieces of art. Some of the roadside artworks are listed here.

Bliss Dance

People invariably stop in front of this 40 feet statue in order to take a selfie. The fixture was earlier the limelight of Burning Man Festival that was held in the desert. However, this has found a place in Las Vegas now. The statue is a marvel to watch at night when it is illuminated by 3000 LED lights. The statue weighs staggering 7,500 pounds and is an unmistakable spot in Las Vegas.

Praying Mantis

Art lovers in Las Vegas are invariably awestruck by the scintillating beauty of this 55 foot tall statue that is located in Downtown Container Park. It is alum of Burning Man. People are intrigued by the way the antennas of this figure spit raging fire balls high up into the air.

Giant Flashlight

Giant Flashlight located in UNLV campus is the masterpiece created by talented artists Coosje Van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg. These two artists were quite famous at that time since they had already created such masterpieces as cherry sculpture and giant spoon in Minneapolis. Oldenburg wanted to create a flashlight in order to make the spot shine amidst the dark surroundings. So, he wanted to make this spot stand out in dark desert.

Scale X

Scale X is an unmistakable typewriter eraser that is located in Aria. Interestingly, it is also a creation of the two gifted artists Van Bruggen and Oldenburg. While many people don’t know the concept of WTF typewriter eraser, the statue never fails to attract their attention. It is 24 feet tall, and is located beside the pedestrian bridge, just in between Aria and the Mandarin Oriental.

Manneken Pis

Mannken Pis is one of the three licensed replicas that are situated in the whole world. It is located in The D right at the centre of the downtown Las Vegas. It is made of bronze and the head is shaped in a curl. The surprising aspect is the dexterously sculpted abs along with chubby thighs. This original artwork is located in Belgium.

Big Edge

Big Edge is basically giant canoe cluster which is the creation of Nancy Rubin. She has done a commendable job by creating a masterpiece from salvaged materials. She has beautifully and artistically sculpted a large number of boats in order to make them serve as centrepiece for Harmon Circle which is in the CityCenter. It is 70 feet long and 50 feet wide and includes rowboats, kayaks, surfboards, and sailboats, to name a few.

Uncovering Some Intriguing Places In Las Vegas That Catch The Attraction Of The Visitors

View Of A Museum

It is the natural tendency of humans to explore the uncharted territories; and, visitors to new places are always enchanted by the prospects of discovering about the hidden things in the city they visit. So, Las Vegas is no exception as well, since there are a number of intriguing spots here that never fail to amuse the visitors. The visitors are invariably stunned to explore such intriguing places. So, here are some intriguing places that offer pleasant surprise to visitors.


Bally’s located On The Strip is an unmistakable spot; however, very few people know about its past. It used to be called MGM Grand Hotel (Old) during 1980s. A raging fire occurred in 1980 in which 87 people lost their lives. It was a major tragedy, and the tower where the incident occurred is a part of modern day Bally’s. And, it is quite mysterious to learn that people claim to see some unusual shadows here roaming in hallways. Moreover, they also hear some strange noises as well. Some people have even claimed to see furniture moving about in the rooms here. All these things are quite odd to the modern men, and tourists could always visit the spot to uncover the mystery themselves.

The Corner Of Koval And Flamingo

The Corner of Koval and Flamingo streets has always been a case of mystery for people. Visitors are invariably apprised with the turn of events that conspired some time back at this intersection. Most of the locals here are eager to tell the visitors how their favourite rapper Tupac Shakur died after he was gunned down by some unknown attacker at the intersection of Koval and Flamingo streets. Even now, some people claim to have seen ghosts here; and many claim that they have seen a person wearing bandana roaming around here. Quite strangely, they also insist that the person resembles the late star, Tupac Shakur. So, forward looking tourists could always visit this interesting spot in order to verify the veracity of the claims.


Luxor located On The Strip is a popular tourist destination. It is an Egyptian themed resort actually, and its beauty never fails to attract the visitors. However, another peculiar thing that catches the attention of the visitors is the Titanic exhibit that is placed at the Luxor. There is a portion of the shipwreck that is displayed here; however, tourists visiting the spot have always claimed to see some shadows moving here. So, it is a great spot to visit for curious visitors, as they can not only acknowledge the beautiful resort, but also make some interesting discoveries regarding the artefact placed here.

The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum has always been a captivating place to visit for the people of Las Vegas as well as the visitors. It reminds the people about the dominance of mobsters in the city, who had exploited the entire city then. So, the museum has kept the exploits of the mobsters. The Mob Museum in Downtown was also the place that witnessed the prosecution of the mobsters. And, it was perhaps due to the dissatisfaction of mobsters at the decision of the judges that their shadows still roam around here.

Uncovering Some Intriguing Ways Of Spending Time In Las Vegas

View Of Hotel Reception

People are infatuated with the entertainment spots in Las Vegas that offer unlimited options of partying, gambling, etc; however, there are some people who want to go beyond these ubiquitous things in order to witness something fresh and rejuvenating. So, they decide to embark upon unique journey upon entering Las Vegas. Fortunately, there are plenty of distinct options of spending one’s time in an intriguing and fascinating way in Las Vegas. Here are some of those options.

Experience The Joy Of Doing Yoga On High Roller

High Roller enjoys the distinction of being the tallest observation wheel in the world. This is the reason it enjoys great popularity among the masses here, who are enchanted by the prospect of witnessing breathtaking views of the city from here. However, they have another reason now to visit High Roller, as now the management is offering yoga classes right inside the cabins of this unmistakable spot. So, one now stretches, bends, and practices various techniques of yoga while enjoying incredible scenic views of Las Vegas.

Stay At Hotels Without Casino

It is hard to imagine how a person, especially in Las Vegas, could think of staying at a hotel without a casino! However, it is a lot more soothing and comforting experience if one simply opts for residing in a hotel without a casino, and fortunately, for people looking for such peaceful experience, there are a number of hotels in the city which don’t have a casino, like Trump International, Mandarin Oriental, Delano, and Vdara, to name a few.

Explore Photo Opportunities From The Top Of The Parking Garages Of Hotels

People are always looking to click stunning photographs of the places they visit, and they are stunned to discover that one of the amazing spots in Las Vegas that offer quite promising photo opportunities is the top of the parking garages of the hotels located on the Strip. Some of these hotels are Caesars Palace, Bellagio, and The Mirage, to name a few. All these spots offer a chance to evade the crowd and capture the essence of Las Vegas, the city immersed in unmistakable neon glow.

Smith Center

Smith Center came more as a necessity as the people here were infatuated with the idea of visiting pubs, bars, etc. that they had no interest in the arts. However, founders of Smith Center worked with tireless devotion and opened this elegant and chic performing arts center. Smith Center has three theatres which offer unlimited entertainment in various niche including jazz, Philharmonic, and Broadway productions like ‘The Nutcracker’, ‘The Book of Mormon’, etc.

Pay A Visit To Uncanny Museums

Museums in Las Vegas are not like ordinary museums, since one is able to locate a number of mysterious elements here. There is National Atomic Testing Museum, which explains the tourists about the way Nevada used to set off its nuclear weapons. And then, there is the Mob Museum, which focuses on uncovering the facts about organised crime that happened in Las Vegas. There is also the Neon Museum, which consists of marquees and typical colourful signs from old casinos, all of which have been renovated, renamed, or imploded.

Unearthing Things In Las Vegas That People Are Absurdly Passionate About

People Are Gambling

Las Vegas is a great place with amazing number of options for the people. In fact, people are spoilt for choices when it comes to spending quality time in Las Vegas. However, there are certain things that stand out from the rest, and that is why people here are crazy about these things. So, whereas most of the tourists simply know about the commonly known and most popular spots, people here are contemplating about other options in order to have a good time with their friends and relatives. So much so, that they are completely besotted about these options. Some of the things which drive people crazy are included here.

Going Far Away From The City Craze

While most of the tourists love to spend time in the city, locals don’t mince words while expressing their displeasure at roaming around the city, since they have had enough of it. So, they are always exploring ways to get away from the city craze, and that is why they are constantly looking for options to head towards the scenic spots in order to enjoy the natural beauty. So, most of them are seen heading to spectacularly soothing locations offering breathtaking scenic views, like Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, or Valley of Fire, to name a few.


People in Las Vegas revere Elvis. They are simply hypnotized by his mesmerizing and charming musical notes and songs. People are always driven out in flocks to the shows where Elvis is performing. He enjoys a roaring popularity among people from all walks of life here.

Free Parking

Well, this seemingly inconsequential thing means a lot to the people of Las Vegas. They have always enjoyed free parking in almost all the popular hotels in the city. So, they are always enchanted by the idea of free parking, and are obsessed with it as it appears. So, even if there are spots, like Circus Circus requiring people to pay for the parking, they protest out loud since they consider it as their birthright to always evade this fee.

Electronic Dance Music

People in Las Vegas are infatuated with DJs. They are seen to shake themselves vigorously in electronic dance music parties. They love to see their faces on the billboards, or magazines while they are having the best time of their life with their friends.


While most of the people might declare they don’t like to gamble, the inclination of people to gambling in Las Vegas can be judged from the ubiquitous presence of slot machines. These machines could not only be found in fancy hotel lobbies and other popular hotels and casinos, but also in convenience stores, supermarkets, and the airport. So, all this shows how gambling is a passion for people here.

New Football Stadium

People’s long pending demand of a new football stadium is finding its way to execution since lawmakers and investors, including Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Corporation are collectively working upon this spectacular NFL-worthy stadium. People here, especially the sports fan are completely ecstatic about the idea, and are praying for the early completion of the stadium so that they could get entertained by their favourite football stars.

Exploring The Top Quality Shows In Las Vegas That Provide Unsurpassed Experience

Picture Of Blue Man Group

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Las Vegas is a bustling place that witnesses a lot of chaotic activity. There are a number of entertainment options in the city, and the best part is that these entertainments are of top-quality. For instance, a person could watch a number of shows in the city which are meant not only to provide fun and entertainment but also appeal one’s aesthetic faculties. So, one feels not only exhilarated after watching these shows but also feels elevated and motivated. So, some of these quality shows that run in Las Vegas are listed here.

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys shows run at Paris Las Vegas and are meant for those who love to watch such shows as VH1’s ‘Behind The Music.’ The actors here are well-trained and experienced and beautifully describe the story of Frankie Villi and Four Seasons. The best part is the incredible music, as the songs are performed by talented vocalists who are endowed with great natural talent, and know how to sway the crowd.

The Beatles- Love

For all those adventure loving people who are out there to have the best time of their life, there can be nothing better than ‘The Beatles’, especially the show ‘Love’, which is going to hypnotize the visitors. One is greeted with astonishing music right at the outset. This is followed with some incredible performances by the dancers and acrobats. Moreover, the light and sound effect at this psychedelic circus is simply unsurpassed.

Le Reve- The Dream

One is simply transported to the other world after watching the scintillating performance of people at Le Reve- The Dream at The Wynn. The dream like sequence is truly represented by skilled water acrobats who perform dexterously. Moreover, there is the constantly evolving state that is a treat to watch as well.

Raiding The Rock Vault

Raiding The Rock Vault is a show that runs at The LVH. The artists involved in the show do justice while representing the rich history of rock in a chronological order. One is greeted with some funny sketches amidst the songs, exhibited by professional performers who have been a part of such bands as Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, and Asia, to name a few.


Panda runs at The Palazzo and incorporates events and activities that represent various activities and cultures of places all over the world. So, one is greeted with such activities as Kung fu, acrobatics, etc. Moreover, there is an unmistaken dude donning the panda suit giving some memorable performances.

Penn And Teller

Magical shows have always appealed people, as they are always looking to unearth the secrets behind magic. So, Penn and Teller show at Rio Hotel and Casino aptly reaches out to such people, as performers show some amazing stunts while exhibiting their smart-ass humour.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is a show in which a group of blue and bald guys perform various acts satirizing the latest technological trends. So, this is a unique show that instantly catches the attention of the people.

Million Dollar Quartet

Million Dollar Quartet show is a treat to the exhilarating music played by the legends Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. So, one is instantly reminded of the past golden era when these rock performers used to overpower the audience with their magnetic charm.

Unique Things In Las Vegas That Make Other States Envious

Newly Married Couple Smiling

Las Vegas has always enthralled the visitors by providing them a number of amazing opportunities to have the best time of their life. Be it the availability of the slot machines that are ubiquitous all over Las Vegas, or the entertainment clubs, or other local artists performing musical and dance shows. There is never dearth of amazing people and places in Las Vegas. So, here is a list of some of the spectacular things in the region that make other states envious of Las Vegas.

Incredible Wedding Chapels

The wedding chapels in Las Vegas are stunningly attractive and beautiful. Moreover, they are bedecked with all sorts of comfort and facilities for the visitors. So, a great deal of attention is paid to make the whole process of wedding simple yet memorable. The level of comfort can be gauged from the fact that some chapels, like the famous Vegas Weddings have the facility of drive-thru. So, the visitors and the couples could simply bypass the tedious ceremonies by focussing upon getting married in a completely hassle free manner.

Phony Replicas Of Famous Landmarks In The World

Tourists are mesmerized to witness the stunning artwork here since they are greeted by replicas of great marvels from all over the world. For instance, one could locate the befuddling replica of ‘Statue Of Liberty’, which is smaller in length but equally enchanting and entrancing. And, then, there is the Paris Casino having the replica of beautiful Eiffel Tower. Luxor houses a version of ‘Sphinx’, while Caesars Palace has replica of David, which is the iconic statue of Michelangelo.

The Snack Wagon

Restaurateurs here are not only experienced but innovative as well. And, one of the things that exemplify their unique thinking is the availability of the snack wagon in some of the best restaurants here. For instance, Roy Ellamar’s ‘Harvest’ is known for offering delicious food, and along with that there is the snack wagon bringing great quality croissant that are a treat to have along with the meals.

Exhilarating Plane Watching Experience

People are always enamoured by the prospects of giant machinery taking people to different parts of the world, and there is no wonder that they want to witness this giant from a closer distance. While most of them have to shell out a lot of money to experience what it is like to travel in the beast, people in Las Vegas are fortunate to have the airport right in the city, which facilitates the easy plane watching experience for them. There is a special parking spot off Sunset Road from where they could witness this elevating phenomenon of planes taking off and landing.

Unique Concept Of Playground Solely For Adults

While most of the spots take into consideration the requirements of the kids, the authorities in Las Vegas have realised that providing fulsome entertainment to adults helps in elevating their mood. This is the prime reason behind the unique playground for adults, wherein there are construction equipment including excavators and bulldozers in which the adults could hop and have fun. They do need to pass breathalyzer test, so, it is made sure that people genuinely interested in some adventurous sport enter here.

Finest Spots In Las Vegas Serving Incredibly Amazing Vegetarian Food

Picture Of Vegetarian Food

Las Vegas has always attracted visitors from all corners of the world. The main reason behind this is the dazzling array of entertainment options available with the people including the historical sites, museums, theatres, etc. However, tourists are equally intrigued by the scintillating dishes that they could eat here. Apart from the meat items that are ubiquitous everywhere, there are some incredibly amazing spots in Las Vegas that provide equally entrancing vegetarian food. And, amidst the growing clamour of moving towards vegan way of life, it is worth trying these incredible spots in Las Vegas.


Veganbites in Henderson is a popular spot among the foodies who yearn to eat yummy desserts after a hefty meal. Over the years, the restaurant has earned a niche for itself for serving heavenly dishes including a wide assortment of cookies, brownies, pies, cakes, etc. The best part is that only natural ingredients are used to make these delicacies, and there are no additives chemicals, or eggs. Furthermore, the spot is famous for using coconut palm sugar made organically rather than using cane sugar.


Cheffini in Downtown serves great vegetarian dishes that even people fond of eating non-vegetarian dishes make it a point to visit the restaurant frequently. The pick of the lot is the dish Moshi-Moshi, which is topped with onions, seaweed, and jalapenos. Moreover, the buns are also vegan.

Origin India

Origin India is a hot favourite among the locals here, since it serves compellingly appetizing vegetarian food. The menu is loaded with dishes related to paneer cheese and vegetables that are mixed with the right combination of spicy and delicious sauces. Some of the dishes served here include bowl of lentils served along with tomato, cumin, green chillies, and onion, and Yellow Daal Tadka, to name a few.

Nacho Daddy

Nacho Daddy could be termed as a great answer to the non-vegetarian dishes, since the vegetarian dishes prepare here are not only novel but also scrumptious. The inventive and creative attitude of the chefs can be gauged from the fact that they are now planning to introduce vegan ‘steak’ as well to the menu.


Komol is one of the finest Thai restaurants serving a great variety of vegetarian dishes. It has been serving people for three decades now. Some of the mesmerizing dishes served here include fried eggpland, noodle soups, spring rolls, and a dazzling array of curries. All these dishes could be befittingly accompanied with coconut milk ice tea, and moreover, the dairy-free delectable coconut ice cream is decidedly the best in Las Vegas.

Violette’s Vegan

Violette’s Vegan is located in West Valley and is mainly a smoothie and organic juice bar. Apart from this, the menu is filled with all sorts of vegetarian dishes including tacos, tofu scrambles, meatless burgers, sandwiches, lemon scampi, etc.


Panevino is a great Italian restaurant perfecting in providing unique plant-based dishes. The dishes served here include stuffed pasta, for instance, the spinach dumplings. Further, the ‘meatloaf’ served here is prepared from herbs, mushrooms, and organic legumes. The most liked dish, however, is vegetable burger that is done to perfection by including eggplant, mashed potatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms, along with breadcrumbs which have appetizing white truffle oil on top of them.

Las Vegas’ Top Class Restaurants Serving Healthy And Nutritious Food

Picture Of Nutritious Food

Las Vegas is a top tourist destination. The hospitality industry of this area is well-developed as well as there are a number of top class restaurants serving compellingly delicious food to the visitors. However, most of the restaurants here make the conscious people guilty of eating too many calories since the food invariably contains more than what is recommended by most of the dieticians. However, fortunately, the place has got a number of restaurants which cater to provide healthy and nutritious food to the customers; even if that means that they are not getting the tag of being popular, since they are not serving the dishes that are hot favourites. Still, the trend of eating healthy food is picking up speed as people are suffering from various ailments now, and thus, it is good to go for healthier eating options.


Proteinhouse in Henderson has come up with the endeavours of a couple who enjoyed bodybuilding. So, one could expect to be served with extremely healthy and nutritious dishes. Moreover, the speciality of the restaurant is that it serves fresh dishes that are prepared only after getting the order from the customers. So, all the dishes including whey protein pancakes, bison burgers, chicken sandwich, etc. are prepared right from scratch. Moreover, the place also serves coffee, and the most popular one is ‘frappuccino’


The chefs here have made it a point here to make half of the dishes having less than 600 calories. The healthy dishes prepared here include cauliflower that is presented in buffalo sauce, arrabbiata flatbread that is served along with vegan almond cheese. Moreover, one could also eat spinach salad here that includes goat cheese, filet mignon, walnuts, and pears.

The Juice Standard

The Juice Standard has carved a niche for itself for serving fresh juices that come in a number of novel flavours. For instance, the juice ‘The Bee WHealthy’ blends celery, cucumber, apple, kale, romaine, parsley, ginger, lemon, turmeric, and dandelion in just a single drink. The staff here is full of experience and can suggest the most appropriate juice according to a person’s taste. The food served here includes Greek yogurt parfait, salad, chia seed puddings that are made to perfection with nut milk.


Eatt at West Valley is a recently opened restaurant that is making a name in providing ‘healthy’ French food. One could simply grab salads, sandwiches, and wraps on the go, or could sit and eat other nutritious dishes containing creatively prepared chicken that is served along with fresh vegetables. Other innovative dish includes guacamole that is served along with creamy broccoli.

Daily Kitchen

Daily Kitchen at Summerlin and Henderson excels in providing family meals to the people. The ingredients here are carefully sourced as well. The family-sized hearty rotisserie meal here includes a Caesar salad, and perfectly done rotisserie chicken, along with curried cauliflower that is served along with turmeric, and black Tuscan kale. Among the other popular dishes are Mary’s free-range delicious chicken bone broth that is made from scratch, frozen and yummy Greek yogurt that comes along with four different choices of delectable toppings.