Unearthing Thoroughly Exhilarating Day Trips From Las Vegas

View Of Zion National Park

Las Vegas has always been associated with fun and entertainment as there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying the night life here. The Strip is the most cherished location for the visitors, as they love to experience this popular aspect of Las Vegas; however, besides the well-known aspect of Las Vegas there are some little known and unassuming spots here that have the potential to cast a magical spell on the visitors. Truly, there are some breathtaking day trips from Las Vegas that take one to some exotic natural locations. One could easily get lost in nature and enjoy its pristine beauty. Here are some of these magnificent spots in Las Vegas that make up for a perfect day trip.

Zion National Park

Zion Natural Park is located in Springdale, and is just 3 hour drive from the city. The place has always been the hot destination for tourists who are invariably stunned by the spectacular views and a dazzling array of colours that they come across here. They get a chance to see red, white, and even pink rock formations. Besides, there is awe-inspiring greenery of conifer forests. There are plenty of hiking trails that take one through ponds and desert areas. Besides, there are some stunning waterfalls as well.

Bonnie Spring Ranch

Bonnie Spring Ranch is simply half an hour drive from Las Vegas. Moreover, the site has all the elements that are required to sustain the attention of kids. There are pony rides, a zoo, museums, and a train. Besides, regular shows and gun fights are organised to entertain the visitors.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is simply a perfect spot to bask in the sun. Moreover, there are other activities too for people including jet skiing, hiking, boating, and swimming, to name a few. The best part is the availability of plenty of shaded areas that are suitable for picnicking. Moreover, visitors are greeted with amazing views of Joshua trees, lava hills, red sandstone rocks, and bighorn sheep. Basically, the strategic location of the lake makes it possible for the tourists to enjoy these things.

Valley Of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is around 6 miles from Lake Mead, and is a perfect spot for nature lovers as well as photographers. Hikers too could enjoy hiking on a great variety of hikes available here. Moreover, one could also see rock art prepared by ancient people. The place is also suitable for picnic as there are a lot of shaded areas. Besides, there are some unique and compelling rock formations as well.

Death Valley

No visit to Las Vegas is complete with paying visit to this historic location. Death Valley is known for being North America’s lowest and driest place. Nonetheless, the place offers a number of outdoor activities to visitors. Moreover, the valleys, flat plains, and plain beauty of the place invariably cast a spell on the tourists. There are a number of guided tours too, and the one of the most popular tours is paleontology tour that provides a chance to view some great variety dinosaurs.