Uncovering Greatest Natural Parks In The Vicinity Of Las Vegas

View Of Zion National Park

Las Vegas is a great destination for adults as they are invariably mesmerized by the hypnotic charm of the city. The glittering nightlife and casinos have always had a great impact on the visitors. In fact, most of the people in the world have only this image of Las Vegas in their mind, and very few people know that there are some top quality natural parks in the vicinity of Las Vegas that could leave them completely awestruck. People come across some breathtaking views that really make them think that how little they are in comparison with great nature. So, here are some of the natural parks that are easily accessible from Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon has been carved out because of thousands of years’ consistent efforts of the Colorado River. It is actually a vast and deep gorge which is quite conspicuous in the great Arizona desert. The Grand Canyon is a World Heritage Site now and is around one mile in depth. Moreover, it spans a staggering 18 miles at its broadest point. There are some breathtaking lookout points including South Rim that offer unforgettable experience. Or, one could simply opt for delving deep into the canyon, as that experience is also spellbinding. Besides, there are a number of helicopter tour companies operating from Las Vegas that offer a completely different experience of visiting the site.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is another spectacular location that offers unsurpassed experience. There is a dazzling array of beautiful narrow trails which take one through this marvellous national park. Moreover, there are countless sandstone cliffs, rocky outcrops, and creeks rushing all across through the valleys. Besides, there are slot canyons that are spread all throughout the park. One could also undertake some daring adventures including plunging into the dark, and Keyhole Canyon is simply the best place to try this.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley lies towards the west of the city, and is around 120 miles away. The place has been known to have the driest, hottest, and lowest point in the whole of North America. It is spread in a vast area and has a lot of area completely dedicated to desert and sand dunes. However, besides the deserts there are some other places to explore as well including crazy yet intriguing rock formations, salt flats, ice-capped peaks, and great wildflower meadows. One could explore this national park by bike, car, or even foot.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon is located just a few miles away from Las Vegas towards the west.  It is characterized by deep canyons and crags. Moreover, there are well-marked trails that take visitors through this beautiful landscape. The best thing about the hikes is that they are suitable for beginners as well as the experts. Visitors invariably come across a number of plant and animals species that reside in the park.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead is located towards the east and is just an hour away from the city. The place is surrounded by secluded coves and busy marinas and is a popular tourist destination.

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