Uncovering Intriguing Things To Do In Las Vegas Along With Kids

Pictures Of Kids At Museum

intriguing places beyond that unmistakable Strip Area. So, tourists could really visit along with their kids in order to explore some of the lesser known yet highly appealing areas in Las Vegas.

Clark County Museum

Clark County Museum is inarguably the best place to visit for all those who are trying to get a glimpse into the rich history of Las Vegas. There are some interesting exhibits showing the great history of the place from pre-historic times till the present era. Children always love to see the well-preserved homes on the ‘Heritage Street’ just outside the museum. They are invariably intrigued to locate how people used to live before the advancements in information technology revolutionized everything.

Smith Center For The Performing Arts

Smith Center for the Performing Arts is another great spot to visit along with one’s family. Kids love to watch a dazzling array of shows and performances by great comedians and musicians. The pick of the lot here is Symphony Park, which has interesting and appealing gigantic sculptures depicting the rich history of the area. Besides, there are such musicals here as Mama Mia and Evita. So, a visit to the Smith Center is always full of fun and adventure.

Discovery Children’s Museum

Discovery Children’s Museum stands true to its name as there are intriguing things to discover here. Kids love to step on to the pirate ship and have unlimited fun and entertainment while posing as pirates. Then, there are countless interactive displays for kids in The Summit. The climbing structure of the museum that extending to three stories is always a great sight to see. Kids could climb the net ladders or cruise down the slides. Besides, they can also visit the Fantasy Festival exhibit and arrange impromptu performances.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is another beautiful location to visit for people along with their whole family. The place has such rejuvenating and calming influence on the people. The experience of exploring the great Mojave Desert is simply exhilarating. The place offers unlimited opportunities for picnicking, hiking, and horseback riding. One could embark upon the scenic drive spanning 13 miles that gives one access to the highlights of the park. One could always locate the best picnic areas and trailheads here. Then, there are the equestrian trails where one could enjoy horseback riding. There are some of the other great parks here which are listed here.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

This is another great location in the vicinity of Red Rock Canyon that offers plenty of picnic sites, hiking trails, and a beautiful historic ranch house to the visitors. The whole area has countless parks, and walking trails which invariably engross the visitors.

Valley Of Fire State Park

Families looking for further adventure and fun could always plan day trips from Vegas and explore the beautiful locations. One of these scintillating spots is Valley of Fire State Park which is located in Overton.

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