Uncovering Some Intriguing Places In Las Vegas That Catch The Attraction Of The Visitors

View Of A Museum

It is the natural tendency of humans to explore the uncharted territories; and, visitors to new places are always enchanted by the prospects of discovering about the hidden things in the city they visit. So, Las Vegas is no exception as well, since there are a number of intriguing spots here that never fail to amuse the visitors. The visitors are invariably stunned to explore such intriguing places. So, here are some intriguing places that offer pleasant surprise to visitors.


Bally’s located On The Strip is an unmistakable spot; however, very few people know about its past. It used to be called MGM Grand Hotel (Old) during 1980s. A raging fire occurred in 1980 in which 87 people lost their lives. It was a major tragedy, and the tower where the incident occurred is a part of modern day Bally’s. And, it is quite mysterious to learn that people claim to see some unusual shadows here roaming in hallways. Moreover, they also hear some strange noises as well. Some people have even claimed to see furniture moving about in the rooms here. All these things are quite odd to the modern men, and tourists could always visit the spot to uncover the mystery themselves.

The Corner Of Koval And Flamingo

The Corner of Koval and Flamingo streets has always been a case of mystery for people. Visitors are invariably apprised with the turn of events that conspired some time back at this intersection. Most of the locals here are eager to tell the visitors how their favourite rapper Tupac Shakur died after he was gunned down by some unknown attacker at the intersection of Koval and Flamingo streets. Even now, some people claim to have seen ghosts here; and many claim that they have seen a person wearing bandana roaming around here. Quite strangely, they also insist that the person resembles the late star, Tupac Shakur. So, forward looking tourists could always visit this interesting spot in order to verify the veracity of the claims.


Luxor located On The Strip is a popular tourist destination. It is an Egyptian themed resort actually, and its beauty never fails to attract the visitors. However, another peculiar thing that catches the attention of the visitors is the Titanic exhibit that is placed at the Luxor. There is a portion of the shipwreck that is displayed here; however, tourists visiting the spot have always claimed to see some shadows moving here. So, it is a great spot to visit for curious visitors, as they can not only acknowledge the beautiful resort, but also make some interesting discoveries regarding the artefact placed here.

The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum has always been a captivating place to visit for the people of Las Vegas as well as the visitors. It reminds the people about the dominance of mobsters in the city, who had exploited the entire city then. So, the museum has kept the exploits of the mobsters. The Mob Museum in Downtown was also the place that witnessed the prosecution of the mobsters. And, it was perhaps due to the dissatisfaction of mobsters at the decision of the judges that their shadows still roam around here.

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