Unearthing Things In Las Vegas That People Are Absurdly Passionate About

People Are Gambling

Las Vegas is a great place with amazing number of options for the people. In fact, people are spoilt for choices when it comes to spending quality time in Las Vegas. However, there are certain things that stand out from the rest, and that is why people here are crazy about these things. So, whereas most of the tourists simply know about the commonly known and most popular spots, people here are contemplating about other options in order to have a good time with their friends and relatives. So much so, that they are completely besotted about these options. Some of the things which drive people crazy are included here.

Going Far Away From The City Craze

While most of the tourists love to spend time in the city, locals don’t mince words while expressing their displeasure at roaming around the city, since they have had enough of it. So, they are always exploring ways to get away from the city craze, and that is why they are constantly looking for options to head towards the scenic spots in order to enjoy the natural beauty. So, most of them are seen heading to spectacularly soothing locations offering breathtaking scenic views, like Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, or Valley of Fire, to name a few.


People in Las Vegas revere Elvis. They are simply hypnotized by his mesmerizing and charming musical notes and songs. People are always driven out in flocks to the shows where Elvis is performing. He enjoys a roaring popularity among people from all walks of life here.

Free Parking

Well, this seemingly inconsequential thing means a lot to the people of Las Vegas. They have always enjoyed free parking in almost all the popular hotels in the city. So, they are always enchanted by the idea of free parking, and are obsessed with it as it appears. So, even if there are spots, like Circus Circus requiring people to pay for the parking, they protest out loud since they consider it as their birthright to always evade this fee.

Electronic Dance Music

People in Las Vegas are infatuated with DJs. They are seen to shake themselves vigorously in electronic dance music parties. They love to see their faces on the billboards, or magazines while they are having the best time of their life with their friends.


While most of the people might declare they don’t like to gamble, the inclination of people to gambling in Las Vegas can be judged from the ubiquitous presence of slot machines. These machines could not only be found in fancy hotel lobbies and other popular hotels and casinos, but also in convenience stores, supermarkets, and the airport. So, all this shows how gambling is a passion for people here.

New Football Stadium

People’s long pending demand of a new football stadium is finding its way to execution since lawmakers and investors, including Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Corporation are collectively working upon this spectacular NFL-worthy stadium. People here, especially the sports fan are completely ecstatic about the idea, and are praying for the early completion of the stadium so that they could get entertained by their favourite football stars.

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