Unique Things In Las Vegas That Make Other States Envious

Newly Married Couple Smiling

Las Vegas has always enthralled the visitors by providing them a number of amazing opportunities to have the best time of their life. Be it the availability of the slot machines that are ubiquitous all over Las Vegas, or the entertainment clubs, or other local artists performing musical and dance shows. There is never dearth of amazing people and places in Las Vegas. So, here is a list of some of the spectacular things in the region that make other states envious of Las Vegas.

Incredible Wedding Chapels

The wedding chapels in Las Vegas are stunningly attractive and beautiful. Moreover, they are bedecked with all sorts of comfort and facilities for the visitors. So, a great deal of attention is paid to make the whole process of wedding simple yet memorable. The level of comfort can be gauged from the fact that some chapels, like the famous Vegas Weddings have the facility of drive-thru. So, the visitors and the couples could simply bypass the tedious ceremonies by focussing upon getting married in a completely hassle free manner.

Phony Replicas Of Famous Landmarks In The World

Tourists are mesmerized to witness the stunning artwork here since they are greeted by replicas of great marvels from all over the world. For instance, one could locate the befuddling replica of ‘Statue Of Liberty’, which is smaller in length but equally enchanting and entrancing. And, then, there is the Paris Casino having the replica of beautiful Eiffel Tower. Luxor houses a version of ‘Sphinx’, while Caesars Palace has replica of David, which is the iconic statue of Michelangelo.

The Snack Wagon

Restaurateurs here are not only experienced but innovative as well. And, one of the things that exemplify their unique thinking is the availability of the snack wagon in some of the best restaurants here. For instance, Roy Ellamar’s ‘Harvest’ is known for offering delicious food, and along with that there is the snack wagon bringing great quality croissant that are a treat to have along with the meals.

Exhilarating Plane Watching Experience

People are always enamoured by the prospects of giant machinery taking people to different parts of the world, and there is no wonder that they want to witness this giant from a closer distance. While most of them have to shell out a lot of money to experience what it is like to travel in the beast, people in Las Vegas are fortunate to have the airport right in the city, which facilitates the easy plane watching experience for them. There is a special parking spot off Sunset Road from where they could witness this elevating phenomenon of planes taking off and landing.

Unique Concept Of Playground Solely For Adults

While most of the spots take into consideration the requirements of the kids, the authorities in Las Vegas have realised that providing fulsome entertainment to adults helps in elevating their mood. This is the prime reason behind the unique playground for adults, wherein there are construction equipment including excavators and bulldozers in which the adults could hop and have fun. They do need to pass breathalyzer test, so, it is made sure that people genuinely interested in some adventurous sport enter here.

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